Devonport Property Market – December 2011

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As the old saying goes, “there are lies, damn lies, statistics and the inane musings of The Devonport Speculator” but given the current global climate, it’s tempting to make a few dangerous extrapolations from the Devonport housing market stats for 2011.

Devonport Real Estate Market – Movember

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For the first time in well over a year, the Devonport market has reverted to its normal modus operandi – at least for December, and this is reflected in the buoyant behaviour of the market last month . The Speculator’s research reveals that historically, around 50% of houses sold in Devonport are sold to buyers already living […]

Devonport Housing Market: October

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There were three sales this month that "triple-handedly" reduced what would otherwise have been a promising month for the Devonport housing market.

Protected: Devonport: Your Real Time Property Guide

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September Property Market: There’s A Sweet Spot

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While the Devonport housing market appears to be coming alive, the tale is "one of two cities."

Devonport Housing Market Update: Sleepy

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The Devonport housing market drags itself from July to August,barely keeping its head above water.

Devonport Housing Market

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The Devonport Speculator takes a look at Devonport's July real estate figures.

Devonport Real Estate Market Retreats

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The Devonport Speculator takes a look at the Devonport housing market in June.

Devonport Housing Market Achieves Lift-Off?

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May represents a significant change in the Devonport property market. Take a look at The Devonport Speculator's stats.

Stunning Pair Of Devonport Houses On The Market

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Two premium houses - each at the opposite end of the taste spectrum, have come on the market in Devonport.

Auckland Property Valuations Coming In October

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In October, property owners in Auckland will receive their first rating valuation from Auckland Council.

UPDATED: Devonport’s Real Estate Market – April

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April recorded the third highest volume of sales in the Devonport (south of the golf course) area in 12 months, but a mix of positive and negative deals resulted in the average price compared to rateable value (RV) averaging out at 0%.

Devonport Property Sales Numbers Best For Twelve Months

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Devonport's housing market could be finally turning the corner. Read The Devonport Speculator's analysis of the market's activity in March.

Devonport’s Housing Market Surges: But Is It Demand Driven?

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Agents celebrated a well-needed increase in activity in the Devonport housing market. However, the data suggests this is not driven by a surge of buyer enthusiasm.

Google Terminates Real Estate Search Service

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Google has terminated its real estate search service, so we can no longer provide the map with listings of houses currently for sale in Devonport.

December in Devonport Property Market: Gone Fishing

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Devonport property expert Murray Pelham provides some insight into the December data, and also gives some advice on reading property data.

November Property Market Performance Continues Fragile Trend

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November stats on the Devonport housing market suggest the market is improving - at least temporarily.

Devonport Property Market Twitches

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The Devonport property market has dragged itself from the grave, dusted itself off and gone looking for brains. Like all zombies however, it is somewhat unsteady on its feet and vulnerable to losing the odd LIM.
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