Halloween – Picture Gallery

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The Speculator was out and about on Devonport's streets on Halloween, and once again was impressed by the number of enthusiastic participants.

Navy Perform Beat Retreat Ceremony – Photos

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The Navy performed the dramatic Beat Retreat ceremony at Windsor Reserve over the weekend. The Devonport Speculator wasn't there to take photos, but the Navy very kindly sent some of its own.

Devonport Clean-Up From The Air – Photo Gallery II

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The second set of photos taken from the Navy's Sea Sprite helicopter during the Devonport beach clean-up.

Haka At Torpedo Bay Stirs Tourists And Locals Alike

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A stunning performance by Devonport Primary's Kapa Haka group had local parents and tourists alike in raptures.

A Morning On The Beach With Devonport Primary – Photo Gallery

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The Devonport Speculator ventured out on a glorious spring morning in Devonport, and caught up with some of the kids from Devonport Primary cleaning up the beach at Torpedo Bay.

Devonport Clean-Up From The Air – Photo Gallery

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Devonport residents might consider they have some justification for being a little sick of the sound of rotors overhead. This photo gallery may ease their angst a little.

Photo Gallery: Mid-Winter Swim

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The Devonport annual mid-winter swim, organised again this year by local builder Paul Jervis, was held over the weekend.

Photo Gallery: Auckland to Musket Cove Race

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Located on Malolo Lailai in the picturesque Mamanuca Islands of Fiji, Musket Cove Island Resort is the perfect location for your Fijian escape. And these lucky blighters are sailing there.

America’s Cup Yachts Back On The Harbour

Posted by on May 06, 2011 | 5 Comments

The America's Cup yachts were back on the Waitemata Harbour this week. Goina Thedinga took some remarkable shots; check out our exclusive gallery.

Easter Procession To Mt Victoria Ambushed By Rain At Summit

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Despite shining a beneficent shaft of light on the Easter procession's cross, Devonport's weather had an unexpected baptism waiting on Mt Vic's summit.

Race Day 1: National Opti Champs Yawed By 0 Knot Wind

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Devonport is lucky to have the untrammeled tranquility of Cheltenham Beach. It is even luckier to have the wonderful Wakatere Boating Club based down the road at Narrow Neck Beach, which provides us with the opportunity to see some spectacular sailing events.

Waka On The Waitemata

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Goina Thedinga spotted some activity off Devonport yesterday. Take a look at this photo gallery.

Mazza Raises $7,000 For Christchurch

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Tricia Hollingum reports from the Christchurch benefit concert Urban Rescue at Devonport's Masonic last weekend.

Crunch Time At Devonport Skateboard Event

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Scotty Brewer was a keen young skateboarder whose dream was to build a decent skate park in Devonport. He died before it was completed, but his parents and local kids were out on Sunday to celebrate his memory and pull some serious moves. The Devonport Speculator cowered behind his camera as the action unfurled.

Great Day At The Bikes and Blues Festival

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Despite some indifferent weather, the Bikes, BBQs and Blues Festival held at Devonport's Fort Takapuna delivered an excellent weekend experience.

The 2011 Devonport Food and Wine Festival – Gallery

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Our tireless "Ma'am with the Cam" Goina Thedinga from aotearoa.co.nz spent some time at the Festival. Here is a selection of her best shots.

The Devonport Food & Wine Festival

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Last weekend we had to share Devonport. The Speculator reported live for a time from the festival. Check out the details here.

Folk In The Park Proves Great Tonic To The Heat

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The rotunda proved to be the perfect spot to escape the excoriating sun and ferocious heat of Sunday afternoon.

Auckland Anniversary – (Yet Another) Photo Gallery

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In what were less than ideal conditions, Auckland lived up to its nickname as the city of sails yesterday, with some magnificent nautical activity on above the inner harbour. Goina snapped some of the action from Devonport.

Snowplanet’s Tardis Comes To Town

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It may not distort the space/time continuum like Dr Who's Tardis, but the Snow Dome's interior is rather cold.
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