Who Was That Man?

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

Against his better judgement, The Speculator ventured onto Lake Rd earlier this week and was delighted to spot a cyclist in the cycling lane.

Furthermore, this cyclist was riding what appeared to be a modern version of one of The Speculator’s favourite conducting devices; The Penny Farthing.

David Wilson

Unfortunately, the man riding the contraption was heading in the opposite direction, and the long line of stationery cars on Lake Rd stymied any thoughts of a U turn.

Research has revealed the man may have been none other than David Wilson, the “Oamaru Wheel-man” on his journey from Bluff to Cape Reinga. More information on Mr Wilson’s journey is available here.

Given the effort it seemed to be taking Mr Wilson to navigate the gentle slope outside Takapuna Grammar, The Speculator shuddered to think what would happen when he reached the Orewa hills.

Good luck to him and may he blessed with the quads of Jonah Lomu to tackle the challenges ahead.

1 comment

  1. DorothyJ says:

    A cyclist on Lake Rd? He must have been lonely. I hope the drivers of all the stationary cars waved to him.

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