Massive Expansion of Rail Infrastructure Planned for Auckland Port

Posted by on Feb 01, 2012 | 1 Comment

The Speculator has learned that the current expansion plans proposed by Ports of Auckland is merely stage one of a multi-stage expansion strategy.

The recently announced terminal expansion is premised on a massive expansion of rail movements from the port to the inland terminal, which has the potential to have a huge impact on residents in the Orakei area.

While The Speculator is a firm supporter of a sensible rail alternative, as opposed to the ludicrous notion of a fleet of road-ruining, air polluting pantechnicons each carting one container at a time, would it not be best for the port to announce its overall vision for the port to the city’s residents?

The Speculator understands that the PoA is approaching these issues in isolation from each other in order to minimise opposition. This is a bit sneaky, and makes what could be a good idea look bad.

It could also be argued that the real gain from the planned expansion into the harbour is the creation of an enormously valuable real estate holding.

Because the argument for this expansion would be undermined if there were a national ports policy rather than the current competitive model, and Labour has recently made some favourable comments about a national ports policy, this could be an ideal time for Labour to step up on this issue as well (and the Mayor is a Labour mayor). What is needed now more than anything is a decent debate on the POA’s overall vision for what is an enormous piece of Auckland’s commercial and environmental future.


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  1. Ian Free says:

    Well done, Speculator! It seems to me that you have exposed a classic example of the unwillingness of many decision-makers to take into account the interests of those who will be closely involved. I hope the Labour Party gets its teeth into this one, And the Greens!

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