Doggies On The Beach? Check Out The New Proposals

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Aucklanders are invited to have their say on Auckland Council’s proposal to introduce a new dog policy and bylaw for the region.

Between Thursday 26 January and Monday 27 February, people can give their feedback on proposals that aim to harmonise the different rules inherited from previous councils and promote responsible dog ownership.

There are seven bylaws and policies the council administers with varying rules in different parts of the region, which can be confusing for the public.

The dog bylaw is the first new regional bylaw to be proposed since the council was formed just over a year ago.

Would this count?

“We are proposing to make things a lot simpler and user-friendly for everyone, including non-dog owners,” says Regulatory and Bylaws chair, Cr Des Morrison.

Among the recommendations is aligning existing seasonal start and finish times for dog access on beaches and parks, to be the same across Auckland.
In general, this will not change whether dogs are allowed on-leash or off-leash or prohibited on those parks or beaches, only the time those existing dog access rules apply.

On those specified beaches and adjoining parks we propose:
Summer: 10am to 6.30pm between the Saturday of Labour Weekend and 31 March; and;
Winter: 10am to 4pm between 1 April and the Friday before Labour Weekend

On those specified parks:

Summer: 8am to 6.30pm between the Saturday of Labour Weekend and 31 March; and;
Winter: 8am to 4pm between 1 April and the Friday before Labour Weekend.

Cr Morrison says for most people the changes will be minimal.

“Regional harmonisation of these times and seasons is an important part of the review.  It does mean losing access time in a couple of instances but the majority will see the level stay the same or increase as a result.”

Other proposals include neutering menacing and uncontrolled dogs, and standardising dog access rules for council-controlled playgrounds, sport surfaces, car parks and campgrounds, and roads and footpaths.

The new policy and bylaw on dogs is planned to be adopted in mid-2012, and to be operational from 1 October 2012.

Copies of the full statement of proposal, summary information and submission forms are available from council libraries, service centres, or online at or by contacting our call centre on 09 301 0101.


  1. Ru says:

    It matters little what the hours of access are if dog owners continue to allow fouling of the parks and reserves. As a person living on the edge od a public reserve where dogs run freely, it is clear owners do not watch out for their dogs’ pooing; not a day passes where there is no fouling in this small park. Perhaps dogs should be on leads at all times?

  2. me says:

    In fact if these proposals go through it will make substantial changes to how we treat dogs and what we can do as owners. Partly this is because of what is being proposed but more importantly because the way the questionnaire is devised, with categorical rather than scaled choice questions; because of lumping multiple items into one query, there is almost no way to adequately feedback on whatever you views might be. In addition the questionnaire conflates the terms being ‘in control’ of a dog with the dog being ‘on the leash’. I would urge all responsible dog owners to submit on this matter.

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