Do You Want To Keep The Lake Road Webcam?

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Without the calming influence of the Speccie webcam, traffic chaos could, er come to Lake Rd

The Lake Road webcam page continues to be a popular resource for Devonport residents and visitors. However, it costs about $40 / month to run in website hosting fees..

The Speculator has realised this princely sum is sapping his modest financial reserves, and is now likely to close the webcam – UNLESS –  there is a resident or group of residents, or a business interested in sponsoring the page prepared to cover that modest cost.

Any takers? You can contact the appropriate department at The Septiculator at

If no offer has been accepted by the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 2012, the webcam, and The Speculator site with it – will be mothballed.

Love, The Speculator

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