Devonport Weather Conditions: Live On The Speculator!

Posted by on Feb 03, 2012 | 6 Comments

The Devonport Speculator, in conjunction with local resident and cool dude Steve Smith, is delighted to provide Speculator readers with live data on every possible weather variable known to humanity for the immediate Devonport area.

The Sporkulator and his mate Francis Bacon chill in the Devonport sun

Mr Smith, who has installed a weather station in his property in Devonport, has provided a feed to Spec.

So dear reader, if you were to click on the link below, you will find yourself immersed in the minutiae of everything from Devonport’s cloud cover height to the windchill factor. Not to mention of course, how much rain there has been today and/or recently.

Any feedback on the service – good or bad – greatly appreciated. And a special thanks to Steve for providing the information.

You can access the information from the link below, or click on the “Home” menu on the menu bar at the top of the page, where you will find “Devonport Weather” in the drop-down menu. We’re also going to put it in the button menu on the home page.


  1. Di says:

    Hmmmm I guess its fair to say that Devonport has quite diverse weather systems, its been spitting on and off all day where I am and yet it says no rain today wherever the weather station is! Would it be too much to not only have the tides but a table that showed the wind bearing and its relationship to which beach would be most sheltered for a swim?

  2. Gail Griffin says:

    So far whenever I have checked the temperatures have been all very wrong today 32oc come on???

  3. al says:

    I’m being greedy now … any chance of a link from the page to the local tide times please … 🙂

    Yes – see previous response to an earlier comment; we will put tide times somewhere more obvious…Ed

  4. Quick Dip says:

    Great stuff! I know it’s not weather as such, but any chance you can feed in the local high and low tide times?

    No – it’s a good suggestion. We already have the tide times under usefu1 links in the home menu, but will move it to make it easier to find..Ed

  5. alistair says:

    This is completely awesome. Whoa. Many thanks guys.

  6. Claudia says:

    Cool!’scuse the pun

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