Darby On Port Plans: “Outrageously Over The Top”

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

Local Board Chair Chris Darby expresses his concerns over the council’s port expansion plans exclusively to The Devonport Speculator. The following is Darby’s response to the question; “What is the local board’s position on the proposed wharf expansion”?


The expanded wharf is so large it will be visible from space, and may attract aliens

The board does not have a position as we have not received a report or resolved.

On the face of it the plans look outrageously over the top. Auckland Council’s governing body cannot and should not make decisions on port expansion without input from Local Boards and particularly the Devonport-Takapuna and Waitemata boards.

Council also needs to be mindful of its wider Auckland public advocacy role and not to confuse this with its ownership interest in the port.

A much larger debate looms and that includes the need to possibly rationalise the number of hub ports. There may be a case for Auckland not being a hub port and instead rely upon Tauranga and Marsden supported by inland port distribution hubs.

If Auckland Council puts to much weight on the 100% interest in PoA we may end up with a white elephant reclamation filling up the Waitemata Harbour.

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  1. Putting POAL up for sale must be an option if Auckland infrastructure is to be enhanced without horrendous rates hikes.

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