Calypso Cafe – The Ending of an Era

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"Fly Calypso, I sing for your spirit.....aaeeeiiii - ooo uuu..." Er, you have to know the song.

After eight years in the business Michael and Ann Wang of Calypso café will be calling it a day at the end of July this year.
While Michael and Ann are sad to be leaving Devonport, they will always have immensely positive memories of the place. “We are just so grateful to all our Devonport regulars who have kept coming back and continued supporting us over the years” said Michael.

“Our children will always think of this as home; in fact, whenever we go back to China, after a couple of weeks they always ask; ‘Dad, when are we going home?’ We never forget to appreciate what a wonderful place New Zealand is, and within New Zealand, what a special community Devonport is.”

Michael was also magnanimous about the travails he and Ann experienced last year with their neighbours at Zest. “It was a one-off thing; it was not a campaign against us or anything. Everyone has bad days.”

As a small thanks to those who supported Calypso Café over the years, Michael and Ann would like to offer a “Buy one coffee, get one free” deal to anyone visiting Calypso between now and the end of the month.

There’s just one rule however. “You’ve got to mention The Devonport Speculator” says Michael.

The Speculator – who highly rates Ann’s barista skills – is delighted to be associated with the Calypso Café, and wishes Michael, Ann and family all the best for the future. See you in there!


  1. GB says:

    I will be very sad to see them close this cafe, they have become friends of mine since they started in Devo, its a pity the Zest owner has done a ‘not so moral’ job to get his cafe..I will not be supporting Zest no matter how big they grow, still doesn’t cut it for me eh in what happened and how the deal came about.

  2. Matilda says:

    We will definitely miss Michael and Ann – thank you both for your kindness to us over the years!

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