As The Speculator Stirs, TVNZ Errs

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Dear reader, you’re safe! Just as TVNZ makes the incomprehensible decision to replace TVNZ7 with a channel of TV1 repeats, The Devonport Speculator has sprung back to life.

And if you don't like TVNZ, these interesting and attractive people will soon be on your screens at TV3

While The Spec harbours no delusions of grandeur regarding its utility relative to 7, in its own small way, it would be nice to think it goes some way to filling the gaping hole left by the vacant skulls in TVNZ’s executive and board.

Is Wayne Walden – current member of the TVNZ board still a Devonport resident? If so, and if you see him, look at him crossly and shake your head pitifully, perhaps tutting as you walk past.

There’s also something prescient about the reasons TVNZ gave for this decision;

“Long working hours, shift work and traffic problems have had an impact on the numbers able to watch the evening news in its traditional time slot, and there is now an identifiable global trend towards time-shifting by consumers,” the statement said.

That is, all the worst things about modern life have culminated in exacerbating one of the worst things about modern life.

It would be interesting to know if Kevin Kenrick, new TVNZ CEO and ex Telecom dude who The Speculator has had the displeasure of working with had anything to do with this decision. If so, it would be one of his first in the new job. What a start!

Text of a press release below in which Peter Dunne (a politician dude) just about gets it right.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne says TVNZ’s decision to replace TVNZ7 with a “repeats” channel of TV1 programmes is the ultimate insult to the intelligence of New Zealand television viewers.


“TV1 represents the worst of television in this country.


“It is crass, superficial, lowest common denominator rubbish – far too obsessed with its own self-imagined ‘stars’ and the culture surrounding them than to have any credible pretence tobeing a legitimate national broadcaster.


“By contrast, TVNZ7 has always appealed to a higher standard – both in terms of quality and the range of programmes offered.


“To replace TVNZ7 with the rubbish of TV1 is a disgusting insult to the hundreds of thousands of regular TVNZ7 viewers,” he says.


Mr Dunne is calling on TVNZ’s new chairman Wayne Walden to intervene immediately to reverse this decision.


“If TVNZ can fund a repeats channel in place of TVNZ7, then at the very least it should be a repeats channel of quality programmes sourced from other channels, in  fact very much as TVNZ7 does now,” he says.


Mr Dunne says Mr Walden has a strong reputation, given the work he did as chair of Māori Television.


“I hope he will bring those same qualities to his new role at TVNZ and play an active part in restoring TVNZ as a quality public service broadcaster.


“Reversing this insulting decision on TVNZ& would be a good start,” he says.


  1. Ian Ferguson says:

    TVNZ7 was always temporary as the previous government were obviously half hearted public TV. If they were really serious they would have changed the charter to allow TVNZ to provide the 7 service ongoing.
    What really sticks in the craw is our lack of non commercial TV because everything that is owned by the people must pay a dividend.
    Radio NZ is fantastic and TVNZ is crap. Go figure it out yourself.

  2. Michael says:

    Is it professional journalism to suggest that local residents should tutt and the like to another member of the community as they walk past? Sounds as if you are almost egging Devonport residents to be intimidating or abusive.

    My dear Michael; you have a poor opinion of your fellow humans! Despite what the media and politicians may say, the vast majority of the populace are not dangerous fools, brimming with resentment and just waiting to be invited to indulge in anti-social behaviour.

    And on the off-chance that a rogue Spec reader interpreted the article literally and tutted at Mr Walden in the street, I’m not sure that (even if he noticed) he would find it intimidating and/or abusive.

    Moreover, the word “tutting” employed in this context was intended to carry a slightly ironic tone. – Ed

  3. JLB says:

    Dear Mr Spec

    Fantastic to have you back.

    I’ve had a bee in my bonnet regarding this TNNZ-7 thing since the first announcement that funding would be pulled. I have a typical teenage daughter who is growing up in a New Zealand dominated by a diet of Facebook, Txt’ing and crap American crime shows fed to her by TVNZ and TV3. TVNZ-7 provided the only source of intelligent television to balance the negative effects of the dross offered by the rest. The current government may do a magnificent job of reducing the national debt, but at what cost to the youth of New Zealand?

    Dear JLB: be careful not to confuse the conduit with the content. There is nothing wrong with Facebook, txting etc per se; they are just communication tools, which can be incredibly useful. The reality is, the Internet is now the source of much richer content than the mainstream media channels like TV; so go explore. I have literally not watched terrestrial TV for years. – Ed

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