Alex Swney To Talk On Wharf Expansion Plans In Devonport

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Alex Swney, CEO of Heart of the City, is coming to Devonport to outline his organisation’s view of the planned expansion to the Auckland port. Swney will be presenting at the RSA in Victoria Rd, on Tuesday 21 Feb at 7pm, after accepting an invitation from Roger Brittenden’s Devonport Borough Council.

Alex Swney listens enraptured to The Speculator's romantic poetry

Heart of Auckland City is downtown Auckland’s business association. Originally conceived as a representative lobby group for Auckland City businesses, it is now one of a number of business associations across the Auckland Region.

It is funded by property owners and commercial tenants within its boundaries and has an overall mission to foster a successful CBD economy.

Swney has previously voiced serious concerns about the wharf expansion plans.

Given The Speculator once went to school with Mr Swney, it can be revealed that he is quite a nice chap. The Speculator also quite liked his younger sister, although a poor level of maturity on the part of the Speculator ensured any romantic adventures were certain to fail  – not only dismally, but with an impressive consistency.

Indeed, such was the extent of  the exposure of The Speculator’s emotional shortcomings that he once wrote a poem titled “Heart of the Sissy” which it is believed inspired the then young Mr Swney in his future career.


  1. Jan O'Connor says:

    The Local Board Members are meeting 6.00pm @ Sunnynook Community Centre that night so there will be 6 spare seats!

  2. Ruth says:

    When on Tuesday 21st?

    Doh! Sorry, 7pm. – Ed

  3. Excellent.

    Well done Roger and thank you Alex.

    Will Alex be able to get a special dispensation to bring his orange Vespa across to Devonport? There doesn’t appear to be any secure parking at the Ferry Building for scooters to be parked on the South side. With the wharf refurbishment we now have good scooter parking and multiple security guards on duty.

    Cheers Fraser

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