Yacht Sinking In Stanley Bay Captured On Film

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

The ever-alert Ngataringa Tennis Club-captain and real estate agent extraordinaire Peter Restall spotted a kerfuffle on the normally tranquil waters of Stanley Bay.

A closer look revealed 3 yachties baling furiously to unsuccessfully keep their stricken vessel afloat. Help was soon at hand, and the men were rescued from their bottom-bound craft.

Local residents believe this to be the latest in a string of unusual incidents in the Ngataringa area, which they have nicknamed the Ngataringa Nonagon. Other goings-on include some bizarre incidents at the tennis club, and the possible stirrings of further Stanley Bay revolts.

There were also rumours that a missile had been seen streaking from the upper floors of Devon Park towards the yacht shortly before it sank, fuelling speculation the restless residents of Stanley Bay are preparing more terrorist tomfoolery.


  1. robert says:

    Oooophs damm I was aiming for the navy base to stop their infernal whistling at 6am in the morning
    Devon Park ( but keep blaming Devon towers the mini me tower on the point.)

  2. Bond says:

    Surely the sinking of boats in the Harbour here indicates the presence of French anti-greens. Or perhaps the gulls who nest on the piles nearby are just sick of yachties, and have taken a tern for the worse. Hwah hwah.

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