When Dogs Eat Cats They Should Be Punished. A Bit

Posted by on Jul 14, 2011 | 2 Comments

It was the left jab that convinced Rambo that this was no ordinary cat

It was the left jab that convinced Rambo that this was no ordinary cat

The Speculator would like to provide a tonic to those readers disturbed by the recent events in Devonport in which a local dog killed a local cat.

It was unquestionably a bad thing to do from a human perspective. However, from the dog’s perspective, he was simply implementing the commands of a few million years of evolution of living in the wild that have become inconveniently hard-wired into his pear-sized brain, and which occasionally manifest themselves in inappropriate behaviour in the domestic environment.

Nevertheless, The Speculator understands that some readers may feel the need to feel the canine community is made to pay for this instinctive error of judgement.

Well, dear reader, mammal and animal lover, The Speculator has the perfect solution.

Please click on the link below to watch a hapless hound get his just “desserts.” Or not, in this case.

Click here


  1. PS says:

    OMG that video is CHOICE!

  2. Wellygoggles says:

    If a cat wanders onto my property and eats the kids’ guineapig, should the cat be put down? I suppose I could erect an electric fence to keep it out. The cat’s owner would have had less strife if she erected a fence and stopped putting bread out for the birds.

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