“Welcome To Devonport” Sign Smashed

Posted by on Mar 13, 2011 | 5 Comments

The vandalised Devonport sign

The vandalised Devonport sign

It must have been a full moon last night, because there was no shortage of lunacy around Devonport.

Louths were out in force, breaking or uprooting numerous road signs, ripping up gardens and stringing shoes from power lines.

Among the more noticeable of the damage was that to the Welcome to Devonport sign just opposite the garden centre on Lake Rd. Two of the four panels had been ripped off and one of them had disappeared entirely, suggesting it may be acting as a souvenir for some lunatic in his bedroom.

The irrigation system in the garden under the sign was also destroyed

The irrigation system in the garden under the sign was also destroyed

The garden at the foot of the sign had also been vandalised, with shrubs uprooted and the irrigation system vandalised.


  1. Hamish says:

    I agree – ‘The Marine Suburb’ actually says something about Devonport. ‘Where your time is well spent’ is about as meaningless as W(h)anganui’s ‘Well worth the journey’ – LOL!

  2. GB says:

    I see another sign was put up,
    but with that stupid slogan: Where your time is well spent..I want the old one back: The Marine suburb.

  3. GB says:

    Hmmm, I loved the old sign where money was ‘Never mentioned’..he/she/they, actually did me a favour!..hey down in Christchurch here, I have been here for two weeks helping so far, is still suffering, the sign problem is actually minute by comparison!

  4. Dr Gonzo says:

    the drunken sailor strikes again…perhaps? No matter, it needed updating anyway. Tom, see what you can russle up – something a little bit more contemporary and befitting a suburb of Devo’s calibre.

  5. Tom Smith, Devonport Signs & Graphics says:

    Hi Devonport Speculator – unless some kind soul has saved and is repairing the sign it has been souvenired. I made and installed that sign in March 2009, it was in two panels of ACP 3050mmx1500mm on the right side and 450mmx1500mm on the left side – both impact glued and riveted to the frame and the old sign underneath. The graphics are digitised and are on disk.
    You can see by the above dimensions that you would need a truck or a large trailer to make off with it which suggests to me the operation was planned. The remaining two panels of the sign in your photo are the old sign which dates from 1998 (from memory) I designed and painted the original sign in 1985 for the Devonport Borough Council Centenary, the following year.
    Keep an on TradeMe – My guess it would fetch between $5-7000.

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