Watch Out Calliope Rd Cafe Users

Posted by on Oct 04, 2011 | 3 Comments

No, it's not

No, it's not

The parking restrictions outside Calliope Rd cafe look set to be enforced more stringently, after residents complained the 10 minute restriction was being ignored by cafe users.

The council has noted the complaint and has stated it will look to enforce this restriction.

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  1. Dougyboy says:

    Typical Devonport customer letters above GB and Badman, “its all about me.”
    There’s plenty of other parking around, the 10 minutes is for the dairy, a No Brainer really.

  2. GB says:

    How can you enjoy yourself in a cafe in 10 minutes??..pathetic parking time limit for starters!.(a big rasberry for the powers of be who came up with that one!)

    My dearest GB: the reason for the 10 minute limit is to protect the dairy business next door, which relies heavily on there being parking spaces available outside for customers to drop in and out quickly. – Ed

  3. Badman says:

    Can’t have our Latte, muffin and eat it as well.

    Thanks Specky for the warning.

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