Victoria Wharf Closed Due To Safety Concerns

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Parts of Devonport’s Victoria Wharf, which is alongside Devonport Wharf, are to be closed as Auckland Council carries out a safety assessment and investigates ways to ensure continued safe access to the historic wharf in the future.

Devonport and Victoria Wharves. Victoria Wharf is the larger of the two.

Devonport and Victoria Wharves. Victoria Wharf is the larger of the two.

Ian Maxwell, manager parks, sports and recreation for the Auckland Council, says Victoria Wharf is in need of a detailed condition assessment.

“It is not unusual for large groups or crowds to gather on the wharf, especially during summer and the New Year holiday period.

“It is for this reason, and to ensure public safety, that we have closed access to part of Victoria Wharf while we carry out a detailed assessment of the wharf’s condition.

“This assessment will allow us to develop options for both maintenance and future use,” he says.

Devonport Takapuna Local Board Chair Chris Darby said initial investigations under the wharf had revealed some disturbing deterioration of the primary structure, which he believed had occurred as a consequence of the wharf being neglected under the tenure of the previous council.

The wharf was built around 80 years ago, circa 1929.  It is a popular place for visitors and fishers. Fencing is being put in place to close the cargo section of the wharf. The first section of the wharf, and accessway to Devonport Wharf, can still be used.

Please note

  • Fences will go up on the wharf prior to Christmas. This installation work is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 21 December.


  1. Bond says:

    I blame those hefty security guards. All that muscular stamping up and down the wharf – no wonder it is atremble! I am atremble meself… though that might be the martinis.

  2. VPE says:

    Should be fun when the ever belligerent whitebaiters find out.

  3. Denise says:

    Quote from History on-line”The original wharf at the end of Victoria Road in Devonport was known as the Victoria Wharf, and was built in the 1870s. When what is now the main Devonport passenger ferry wharf was built alongside it in the early 1900s, the Victoria Wharf was used by the vehicular ferries. Both wharves still exist and are in use today. The main passenger ferry wharf is now generally referred to as the Devonport Wharf, although it should be noted that this name was also sometimes used to designate Duder’s Wharf to the east(on King Edward Parade, opposite the end of Church Street). Duder’s wharf was built by the Duder brothers to handle coal deliveries for R. and R. Duders Brickworks in Ngataringa Bay, although it also took passenger ferries until 1908. It was dismantled in the 1930s.” Yet you say Victoria wharf was built around 80 years ago, circa 1929.

  4. Iain Fraser says:

    This wharf is a wonderful and well loved facility especially over this summer period. Why wasnt the detailed assessment done earlier or why couldnt it wait another 2 months? Is the wharf really about to collapse? Last summer we lost the wharf at Torpedo Bay. This summer we lose this one. What can we expect next summer? Did you have any input into this Chris?

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