Vauxhall Rd Residents Fuming At Driver Behaviour

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Two recent accidents on Vauxhall Rd and ongoing “boy racer” behaviour in the area are beginning to rile local residents who live on the road.

The Speculator reported on an accident two weeks ago in which a car overturned on the Vauxhall Rd pedestrian crossing opposite Church St. A similar accident that occurred last week came as little surprise to some of the locals, who voiced their anger at the Devonport Borough Council’s monthly meeting last night.

Residents expressed frustration at the ongoing use by hoons of Cheltenham , Tainui and Vauxhall Roads as a circuit, with the hill on Vauxhall Rd just north of the kindergarten providing entertainment at high speed.

Councillor Dianne Hale, who was present at the DBC meeting said “Vauxhall Rd has been raised frequently over the years as a problem” but little had been done to calm traffic in the area. The road also suffered from bad alignment and an unusual intersection at the pedestrian crossing.

The Speculator’s Cheltenham correspondent “Ears of the East” snapped some photos of the cars as they flew around the Tainui Rd / Vauxhall Rd corner a couple of nights ago. One of them had a personalised number plate along the lines of  KOUMI.

If other residents have photos or more information, please send them to The Speculator. We’ll then package it up into a file which we can report back to the community on, or provide to the Police if required.

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  1. Badman says:

    Ooh how our children grow and transgress through the teenage phase, what as parents are we doing?

  2. PJ says:

    While watching the TV serious crash unit show which featured the crash on Queens Pde which killed a young woman from the navy one thing became clear. The idiot driver was intentionally trying to “drift” the corner. Very similar to other famous idiot that crashed into the art shop on King Edward Pd. The fact that the driver intentionally “drifts” the car out of control raises the much more serious charge of murder or manslaughter in my book.

  3. VPE says:

    Patuone Place/Jim Titchener Parade is particularly popular with the petrol-head miscreant set too. Good thing the Navy is so blameless in anything vaguely negative or disruptive in these parts, otherwise I’d blame all those testosterone-addled country-bumpkin ratings.

  4. GB says:

    Boy racers and other, who reside in Belmont and beyond?? Yes speed bumps would stop them in their speeding tracks, but not only in Vauxhall rd, as I have personally witnessed these types of vehicles hooning it everywhere in Devonport, including Calliope rd!

  5. DIane says:

    We live on Vauxhall Road and with young children it is quite frightening the speed of some cars. What is a solution – speed bumps?

  6. lynda says:

    they also speed up and down Hamana Street – before the bumps in Seacliffe Ave. Have had our car hit and another occasion so badly hit it was written off.

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