Update From PC O’Reilly – And A Farewell

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Devonport burglars have been targeting Devonport's excellent coffee

Devonport burglars have been targeting Devonport's excellent coffee

Hello everyone, over the last three weeks we’ve had six burglaries, two in Mozeley Avenue, two in Albert Road, one at the Jolly Punter and most recently on Vauxhall Road.

The Vauxhall Rd burglary involved belongings taken from two French tourists over here for the Rugby World Cup. They had arrived the previous day and while moving into a ‘sleep out’, their travel bags which contained passports, cash, cell phones and laptops were taken. Police realise the importance of catching those responsible for this crime as well as the others. If anyone knows anything or finds property similar to what I’ve just mentioned, please get in touch.

You may have noticed an increased police presence in Devonport over the last few weeks. This is a result of three offenders who have been bailed to addresses in the area. These guys are on strict bail conditions so we are keeping a close eye on them by checking them throughout the day and night, so just a reminder to be extra vigilant throughout the day and night. If you see someone suspicious, don’t wait till later on to call, do it straight away, and it is 111 not the local number.

Finally, it is time for me to move on. I have enjoyed my six years as the Devonport/Bayswater Community Constable and have gained valuable experience and many friends. So it is time for me to hand over to someone else. Constable Daniel Glasgow will take over the reigns in early September and will look forward to introducing himself once settled.

Goodbye and take care Devonport.

From Community Constable STEVE O’REILLY


  1. Matilda says:

    Very sorry to hear about the French tourists – there’s nothing worse than losing all your important stuff abroad. Can the Devo community help in any way?

  2. GB says:

    Bailed to Devo addresses??..shudders!..and me thinks the Police will have their work cut for them with more drunks everywhere re the rugby world cup when it starts next week..braces himself for the onslaught of ‘macho type’ visitors to Devo day and night until the end of October!.

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