Unwanted Pest Heading For Devonport?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 | 1 Comment

Rumours are flying around the inner sphincter of North Shore political circles that none other than Don “PM” Brash may be about to announce his intention to run in the North Shore.

Barely able to conceal his glee, The Speculator believes The PM, or Preying Mantis (deliberate misspelling for those ACT supporters out there who can spell) is on the verge of announcing his candidacy for the North Shore electorate, where he will come up against National’s new candidate Maggie Barry and a very nice young man whose name I’ve forgotten representing a party hardly known on the Shore called “Labour.”

"Wo-ahahaha! One day all this will be mine! MINE"!

"Wo-ahahaha! One day all this will be mine! MINE"!

While it is taken as read that Devonportians and certainly not Speculator readers would want to have anything to do with Bron’s dashing approach to unleashing the gargoyle of populism, it is quite possible some elements on the Shore may find his “Rivers of Blood” approach attractive.

Should this come about, Speculator readers may have to tolerate a spot of more than occasional ribbing of PM and his eucalyptic view of NZ’s future (in which giant koala bears wreak destruction on NZ’s Anglo-Saxon population in their search for non-native flora).

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1 comment

  1. Ben Clark says:

    Sorry my name has slipped your mind! We’ll have a few dozen posters up around Devonport in a couple of weeks’ time to remind you…

    In fact Labour is more than “hardly known” on the Shore – in 2005 we won the Devonport part of the electorate, and whilst numbers slipped a little in 2008, we still have a substantial vote and party membership based here.

    We’d always welcome more of both though – so if you want to counteract the Don, please contact me on my website.

    Now Bill, I mean Ben, you know I’m familiar with your name, and that the joke was meant in a satirical sense, and that of course The Labia Party are a well known name on the Shore who will always be up for giving Bron Dash a bit of lip. I think you may be stretching reality with your analysis of the numbers in 2008 “slipping a little” (The Speculator reviewed the numbers by individual Devonport polling station at the time), but we look forward to the Shore dodging the tsunami of Key-based populism currently sweeping the country. – Ed

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