Unwanted Benches Given Their Marching Orders

Posted by on Aug 05, 2011 | 4 Comments

The recently installed public benches  around the southern end of Victoria Rd that have caused consternation among Devonport’s heritage circles are to be removed, once the Marine Square upgrade begins.

It has to be said, they are pretty awful

It has to be said, they are pretty awful

At the local board meeting held this week, Auckland Transport spokesperson Marilyn Nicholls was sympathetic to the community’s concerns. “There was a certain amount of urgency to get them in prior to the World Cup, and therefore no time for consultation” she said.

However, the seats were specifically designed to be easily removed and would be removed once the Marine Square upgrade commenced, which is scheduled for later this year.

The Speculator has provided readers with a link below that presents a number of  interesting and creative designs for park benches. Take a look.



  1. Badman says:

    Perhaps Devo should donate their unwanted furniture to Ponsonby, leaving Devo to sprawl with some Art Deco influence.

  2. GB says:

    Those horrible looking ugly things were put in Devo, again without ‘any consultation from us’ that live here!..Glad to see them go, actually the sooner the better! Footnote:
    (Welcome to Devonport: Where your time is well spent!)..coughs..

  3. F says:

    Council does need to get its act together when it comes to street furniture, and general design in a heritage zone. The old council also got it wrong a few years ago with a shocker of a seat in steel tubing in front of a beautifully restored listed heritage home in King Edward Parade. That was replaced with something more appropriate, but sadly all institutional memory has been lost.
    Someone should next turn attention to items like rubbish bins – and I wonder whether the older bus shelters have been heritage listed, or we’ll wake one morning to find a council employee has reduced them to firewood!

  4. Jan O'Connor says:

    Friends of Laketown Green in Jutland Road having been asking for seats on their reserve for months. Perhaps Auckland Transport could reassemble there.

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