Tidy Up Goes Pear-Shaped In Anne St

Posted by on Sep 05, 2011 | 1 Comment

Table_02 2011-09-05

Just as local residents have been sprucing up Devonport for the RWC, a derelict caravan attached to a vehicle advertising a property dressing business has been left for some days in Anne St next to Queens Parade.

Local B&B owner Joy Mace is a little fed up with the eyesore. “I receive enquiries from other residents wanting to know if it is for overflow from my bed and breakfast. I totally disassociate myself from this facility and it is collecting many infringement notices as it occupies a park in our P180 street.”

If you have any information about the caravan, please contact the council.

1 comment

  1. GB says:

    Man you love that delete button ed!..that caravan is now parked in a sidestreet in Belmont, but my lips are sealed which st.

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