Three Donations of $100 Will See Us Right

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 | 2 Comments

Table_105 2011-11-11

C’mon Spec reader dudes! We need three more donations of $100 (or six of $50 for those mathematically challenged like The Spec) to get to half of Gail’s legal bill for saving the cemetery!

So far we have raised a total of $930! But Gail’s total bill was $2600.

So let’s go! It’s a sunny Friday in Devonport, the weekend is coming and that beautiful cemetery is still ours. Sounds like just the time to splash a bit of cash at a good cause…

Just make a transfer to The Spec’s Bail-Out Gail Fund at;

Westpac Bank

03    1514    0-0-8-3-9-0-1    000

and label the payment “Gail”


  1. ruth says:

    Please give alternative – there is a problem with the bank number.

    Ruth; Bank number is correct and has worked for other donors; however, if you hare having an issue, you could send a cheque to

    The Gail Fund, C/- The Devonport Speculator, PO Box 32-560 Devonport 0624. – Ed

  2. mo says:

    $100 is a bit out of my league this close to Christmas, but please accept my humble donation given with much gratitude!

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