The Speculator Is One Year Old!

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Holy speculums Batman – The Devonport Specliator is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

Incredible, unlikely and inappropriate as it may seem, The Speculator is celebrating its first birthday. Still waddling uncertainly in its nappies, with the inevitable rope of saliva down its shirt and its foot occasionally in its mouth, The Speculator has nevertheless seen off its first year in business.

Having worked, played and slept in a monochromatic kaleidoscope of work environments around the world, it has to be said that the last year has been one of the most enjoyable of The Speculator’s ever-stuttering and shall we say, fast changing career.

Barely able to hold down a job for more than 8 to 10 minutes since the age of 7, The Speculator has found comfort among the comments, words of support and overwhelmingly positive feedback that has graced the ersatz pages of this inappropriately-yellow bannered site.

How long this crazed venture will continue is hard to say; while local communities are on the brink of an online revolution that will one day prove The Speculator to be a genius and visionary, The Speculator itself is never far from the brink of penury.

Yes, dear reader, it hasn’t always been plain sailing. The Speculator has been the occasional target of sneaky tricks by some of its competitors. It has been chased down King Edward Parade by an enraged pig called Francis, in circumstances that to this day are unclear.

But when the hammer came down and dented The Speculator’s fragile psychic defences, or it felt robbed of its raisin date stress, (whatever that is, but people keep mentioning it) The Speculator’s coterie of dedicated readers has invariably come to the rescue.

Boadicca, Bond, GB, JL, Matilda, SaraJ, Wellygoggles, Gladys, Ruth, Prue and many others have kept the site alive and fun with their wry, witty or just plain dumb comments.

So – how has the site fared out there, in that great aether we call the Interflap?

Here are some dull numbers to give you a feel;

– Just under a quarter of a million page views. Yes – 218,678 to be precise. Advertisers, come flock to The Speculator’s door.

– Almost 20,000 different people have visited the site; 19,745 to be precise, the vast majority of whom are Devonport or North Shore-based, with a healthy sprinkling of people in the UK.

– In the last month, the site’s traffic has dramatically improved – by around 30%.

– 647 articles have been published

– 1089 comments have been published. Amazingly, only two have been negative; one was from an insipid TV geek from overseas who objected to The Speculator describing the TV series Power Rangers as the worst ever made; the other from someone who objected to the “piggy humour” in a recent article. To be clear: The Speculator has two acknowledged character flaws. One could be described as a penchant for the porcine. (The other was surgically removed).

Thank you all for your support; and thanks also to The Speculady, Lozza,  the Hound, Sawsk, Zogs, Shezza, Goina, Lord de Lisle and the Ears of the East. To you all – Boomshanka!

Finally  – a big thank you to our most loyal advertisers; Lode Jewellery and Art By The Sea.


  1. Cousin Mal says:

    Sources close to Francis the Pig have now exclusively revealed that this regrettable episode of “Sty Rage” was triggered off by Francis’s discovery that his mobile phone had been hacked into by Rupert Murdoch.The whole King Edward Parade debacle was a simple case of mistaken identity by an outraged innocent who had “taken against” the press corps in general.In a written apology issued last friday(and as a gesture of community solidarity) Francis has promised to donate any proceeds he gets from suing “Rupey” to the fund for repairing that bulge in the brick wall off Calliope Road!!

  2. Bond says:

    Well done Dr Speck. It has been a good year for Devo journalism. Martinis are on me…

  3. Xanthe says:

    Congratulations and wish you continued and ever growing success moving forward! :o)

  4. Mike G says:

    Thank you for your total support for our unique way of life in Devo Village. Your thoroughly entertaining and provocative style has stamped an indelible mark on our psyche and is undoubtedly the work of one who is passionate about the written word. Methinks a Knighthood from the future King of Devonport should be on the cards? Noho ora mai ra.

  5. Matilda says:

    Many congratulations Mr Spec on a very funny and innovative site – you make it look so easy! Many happy returns and good luck for the future.

  6. Diane says:

    Congrats Speccie, wow one year old – you’ll be walking about now !! Keep it up x

  7. Lynda Jean says:

    Almost out of nappies! We have polished wooden floors – free potty training with next coffee!
    Still looking for the bath, will photoshop one if you need the story ooops, Well Done!

  8. GB says:

    Jus simply many kudos ed and to your team there!..Has it been a year already?? 🙂

  9. GT says:

    Kia ora from across the miles. And congratulations! One year… Really enjoy your writing style 🙂 Great mix of news, fun and a bit of craziness… ka kite ano e hoa, GT

  10. Pari Rikihana says:

    Well done, does’t time fly when you are having fun and it’s even better when Passion is the driving force.
    ka kite friend. the future looks bright.

  11. vpe says:

    A fine effort and a journalistic notch or 50 above your only competitor. Happy Birthday.

  12. Ruthr says:

    You sure have managed to hit the spot. Something to do with Speculator,s quirky humor. Not often I get a belly laugh from the print media these days…. Congratulations! You are on to something here. Thanks too to Art by the Sea and lode for their support.

  13. al says:

    good stuff. You’re on our home page !

  14. Peter says:

    Huge Congratulations – witty, amusing, informative, immediate and “spectacularly” locally entertaining! Well done on a great 1st year, Peter

  15. Gladys says:

    Wow -that is a milestone, congratulations. Big ups for the insights coming out of attending all those tedious bored meetings. Ooops that should be Board.

  16. Diane says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    You make my day with your witty writing, brilliant observations and keeping me up to date with all things Devonport.

  17. JL says:

    Huge congrats!….You’ve added large doses of info and fun to a lot of local lives
    I don’t know if you realise that those of us who are lucky enough to live in this fair village often pass on your site address to distant expat Devonportonians. My overseas kin often check in to get an instant nostalgia boost.
    Bravo, and a big oink oink to you!

  18. Pistol says:


  19. PS says:

    Congrats Spec!

  20. TR says:

    A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Speculator! Thank you for all the fun shared this last year – as well of course as valuable info/news/local adverts. You’ve become a part of my early morning routine of grabbing a warm drink and my laptop and if freezing by then(definitely this morning) leaping/stumbling back into bed to check emails. Most often there you are sometimes prompting such an outburst of laughter likely to have woken the neighbours. Sometimes righteous indignation – or unrighteous as the case may be – at the downright dumb things we locals are capable of. And then the celebration of good works. Definitely a great start to the day!

  21. Shona says:

    Happy Birthday Speculator!! Well done to the Specuteam!!

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