The Spec Goes Ballistic During RWC Opening

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Loyal readers may be vaguely interested to know that The Speculum had its biggest day EVER on the opening day for the Rugby World Cup, and has maintained a level of traffic almost twice that of previous for the last few days.

The webcam has proven extraordinarily popular for people wanting to get a sense of the state of Lake Rd both before and after the fireworks display, with that page alone registering thousands of hits (or impressions for the geeks).

The Spec team have also worked hard to ensure the flurry of events that occurred in Devonport that related to the RWC were all covered, and this has also sucked a huge amount of traffic onto the site.

So, oh loyal readers, ad-clickers and commentaires extraordinaires; your numbers are growing!

Speaking of going into orbit, some of you may have noticed The Speculator banner atop the (old) Devonport Post Office. Despite this banner being securely fastened, it became overly excited in the brisk winds of late, and in true Speculator fashion threw off  its nylon encumbrances and embarked on a frantic flapping spree.

The Speculator achieves an orbit-bound trajectory. Temporarily.

The Speculator achieves an orbit-bound trajectory. Temporarily.

Life and limb were risked to secure the hysterical beast, which has now been bound to the roof until the weather improves. A big thank you to Eddie De Heer for his endless patience in allowing ongoing access to the roof at short notice.

So when you see it, please remember to appreciate the effort that has gone into it still being there, rather than it orbiting some other member of our solar system.

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