The Planets Align Over Devonport. Yes, Really.

Posted by on May 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

A Devonport resident got up early a couple of mornings ago around 6am to catch a fairly rare planetary alignment in the eastern sky.

Venus and Mercury on top, then Jupiter followed by Mars at the bottom.

Thanks to Peter Misich for the photos.


  1. GT says:

    Great shots… thanks for sharing.

    Mr Bond… a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste…

    And yes, Mr Bond, have a double martini, two Venuses for you… GT 🙂

  2. Bond says:

    Now Dr Speck, I know you are just trying to tempt me to say that seeing Venus on top makes it worth getting up early to see stars, but I am not going to…
    Oops! Shouldn’t have had that second martini from G&T.

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