The Inspeculator Triumphs Over Devonport’s Crime Ripple?

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The criminal is said to have no scruples

The criminal is said to have no scruples

The Speculator was delighted to receive the following statement from the Police last week;

“Following on from (the) press release on Monday the 12th, the following events relate directly to that activity.

  • At about  3.45pm on the 15th of September a suspicious person knocked on a door in the Belmont area, asking for a non-existent person.  The suspicious person then ran off.  The witness called Police on 111 to immediately let us know about this person.
  • At about 5.50 pm on the same day a resident disturbed a burglar in the Narrowneck Area, of similar description to the earlier suspicious person.
  • Although we were unable to locate the male at the time, this is exactly the actions we are asking residents to take when such things occur.  As a result, we have obtained a good description of a suspicious character and are following up some leads on the person.
  • This follows on from earlier this week , when I sent (The Speculator) a request for coverage about such events in relation to an increase in burglaries in that area. The resident’s action is directly in line with this request.  Perhaps your work in putting out this media coverage has assisted, so thank you.
  • My message is to reinforce the need to call Police immediately on 111 , particularly around suspicious activity in the Hauraki/ Belmont area.”

Residents of Devonport who witnessed a number of police cars and the police helicopter in the area yesterday might like to know that the activity related to this police operation.

The Speculator would also like to clarify that the suspicious person was NOT either LOL or Hardly, as they had already been apprehended.

Police are asking local residents to keep an eye out for any behaviour similar to that described above over the coming week.

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