The Devonport Year In Review

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For those of you who have already lost 2010 in a haze of alcohol-induced amnesia, The Speculator is delighted to provide you with an executive summary of the year in Devonport, and some further information about some of the more unusual goings on.

The non-bolded text are links to relevant stories.

  • The Dragon seat is relocated on er, Chinaman’s Hill
  • Flash flood in Devonport
  • The Vic Theatre Trust reaches the magic $60k mark; and qualifies for a council grant of $150k, making its re-opening an almost certainty. The date is yet to be determined.
  • Food and Wine festival
  • Vaughan Clements’ exhibition at The Depot is withdrawn, after The Depot refuses to hang one of the paintings it describes as “defamatory.” The painting depicts 3 local woman with whom Clements had fought, crucified on 3 separate crosses, although the depiction itself is not graphic.
  • The Vessel Sculpture is vandalised
  • Tainui Motors closes Devonport’s last petrol pumps, after the cost of replacement in line with environmental regulations – estimated to be between $550 – $750k is considered too high by the owners.
  • Woman injured by cyclist on Mt Victoria causes some fur to fly and triggers general debate on cyclists, cycling and their connections to evil things.
  • Debate over Auckland super city structure focuses around three key issues; clearly defined functions, planning responsibility and linkages to CCOs
  • Willie The Tagbuster celebrates 50th birthday!
  • First Harvest Festival held in Devonport
  • Renovations begin at The Vic
  • Small Day Out
  • Lynn Dawson appointed to Vic Theatre Trust
  • Devonport Dog Parade
  • Devonport experiences a burglary spike, with 8 in 2 weeks.
  • Bikes, BBQs and Blues Festival held at Fort Takapuna
  • Cycle lane debate still raging
  • Beach Day Out held on Cheltenham Beach
  • Lynn Dawson disappears from the Vic Trust
  • Devonport Midwinter Swim held
  • Cycle lane debate still raging
  • The sea slugs are back
  • Snowplough The Indefatigable Cat is run over
  • Cycle lane debate is ….yes, that’s right.
  • John Davies selected to run The Vic
  • Polly’s Park re-opens since its closure in December
  • Devonport experiences its gentile version of a home invasion: someone sneaks through your back door, nabs a turntable and legs it
  • Cycle la… oh for God’s sake…
  • Vic Theatre opening day of 26th October announced
  • Lake Rd works begin
  • Masonic development given go ahead by Environment Court
  • Sea Slug invasion get serious with easterly winds washing the slimy scum up onto the beaches
  • St Paul Presbyterian Church  – the scene of a dispute between congregational factions – finally closes, although some parishioners battle on
  • Tests reveal the Stanley Bay stream that runs around Stanley Bay Park is a toxic soup. Strangely, the story doesn’t create much interest, despite the area being a sporting hub for local kids
  • Return of the Kestrel announced
  • The Speculator emerges into the harsh light of day for the first time.
  • North Shore Heritage festival kicks off
  • Plans for Fort Takapuna upgrade are announced
  • Indecent assault on North Head
  • Navy Museum opens
  • The Vic Theatre hosts its first event for several years; a debate on architecture.
  • Civic Award winners announced
  • Candidates for new Devonport Takapuna Board announced
  • Wag n’ Walk held in Devonport
  • Local housing market has worst month for the year
  • Devonport hit by big easterly storm. Minimal damage reported however.
  • Devonport – Takapuna Board elections held
  • Drunken naval rating crashes into Devonport’s iconic gallery Art By The sea.
  • Vic Theatre opens
  • Devonport Community Board formally disbanded
  • Hands On Festival held
  • Local housing market has worst month for the year
  • Excellent Halloween takes over in some Devonport Streets
  • The Vessel sculpture is repaired
  • Devonport Classic held
  • Devonport Fire Brigade celebrates 125 years
  • First meeting of new Devonport-Takapuna board
  • Sculpture on Shore Exhibition held, to considerable acclaim
  • Devonstock kicks off in roasting conditions
  • Tragedy at Quarry Lake as young dude drowns




  1. GB says:

    Great ed!..the cognitive seems to be on overdrive for you this new year..Hey what about the Masonic, the decision being handed down from the environment court in August I think it was, in favour of the greedy developers who want apartments there..btw, the Masonic may be down but not out!

    Thanks GB – the Masonic decision is in there… – Ed

  2. Ruth says:

    Great summary
    Thanks for many a chuckle over the past year.
    Any news on Art By the Sea drunk navy recruit?

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