The Devonport Wharf: Guess What?

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The Devonport Wharf: not currently at its best

The Devonport Wharf: not currently at its best

The Devonport Business Association held its AGM last night, and invited local board Chair Chris Darby to attend as guest speaker. Chris had a lot to say about a variety of issues, and is clearly making some progress now his (and the local board’s) feet are well and truly under their desks.

Perhaps one of the most interesting areas of apparent progress is the future of the Devonport Wharf. The Speculator has previously reported that Mayor Len Brown has it on his radar – a fact that Darby has exploited in that he hasn’t allowed the mayor to forget it.

Darby reported that at a recent meeting with the mayor and the head of Auckland Transport Mark Ford, he again raised the issue of the wharf’s current state and future and managed to secure a special projects manager for the project, apparently based in the mayor’s office. This indeed is a step forward, and a workshop is to be held next week to get all the key players in one room to discuss what is going to happen with the wharf.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking, but a workshop IS progress, particularly as it involves the bringing together of the disparate responsibilities for the wharf that are spread across the amorphous mass of the council. Hats off to Darby for getting this far this quickly.

Of course, none of this means anything will happen, but it certainly increases the likelihood that something will happen, which is a step up from where we have been for the last ten years.

The wharf, described by Darby at the AGM as a “damned disgrace” is likely to be addressed via a two stage project, some of which will hopefully occur prior to the RWC. These improvement are likely to focus around repairing the infamous wharf toilets and some other low-level beautifying.

The Speculator will cling to this story like a limpet clings hopefully to the rotting structure of the wharf, to ensure Devonport’s residents remain informed on progress.


  1. GB says:

    Yeah where’s the action for the wharf upgrade?? Never mind upgrading Clarence st, leave it alone nothing wrong with that end of the street! is beginning to look like somethin out of Takapuna, and I had voted against it!

  2. joe says:

    can we have our old wharf back, please

  3. Ric says:

    The Speculators fetish for public toilets continues 🙂

  4. JL says:

    If the usual bureaucratic speed applies, will a council working group be active enough to achieve anything in time for the RWC? (Sigh) I think not.
    Yes, It’s well past time for action, but maybe we’d be better off if a caretaker/security person could be appointed…..and for #*!* sake, just get down to basics and make cleaning up that toilet the first priority!!!!

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