The Devonport “Stuff That Needs Fixing” Update

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The table below details the issues that have been raised with the council regarding transportation in Devonport, and their alleged resolution.

The Speculator apologises for the poor quality of the text; please pop down to Ikes and pick up a magnifying glass if you are struggling to read the detail. While you’re there give Wanda a hug.

However, of that largely illegible list of issues relating to Devonport, the key issues that The Speculator has identified are as follows:

1: Ownership of the Devonport and Victoria Wharves is still not clearly resolved, with the Devonport Wharf now managed by Auckland Transport and Victoria Wharf managed by Auckland Council. Any plans to upgrade one will have to be designed in conjunction with the other;

2: The work to cut back the Pohutukawa trees in Second Ave by Auckland Council Parks was confirmed by Parks as being “up to standard.” Well that’s alright then;

3: Buses that wait at the Devonport Ferry Terminal with their engines running (causing noise and air pollution) has been “logged into customer request system for action.”

4: The status of freedom campers parking along King Edward Parade overnight has been confirmed, with copies of relevant bylaws being passed to local board members;

5: The pedestrian crossing at Queens Parade and Wynyard St has been confirmed as a temporary measure until the Marine Square Upgrade is completed. Waste of money score: 10/10

6: The bollards on Victoria Wharf that have been reset and now allow cars to squeeze past will be re-aligned; Auckland Transport has been notified.

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