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”]Squirrels + Coffee = Sm(C) [Spontaneous Metabolic Combustion]The Devonport Speculator has been known to dissolve into an entropic vacuum if it does not get a fix of decent coffee within 7-8 seconds of waking. Coffee powers our existence.

Are our local cafes protecting us from these powerful forces of nature? Let us know and we’ll publish some light-hearted results on a regular basis. Besides, it’s only five questions, and you could win some cool coffee-related prizes.

You can fill out the survey as many times as you like, as long as each time relates to a different visit to a cafe.

While multiple responses are allowed, anyone attempting to game the survey by submitting excessive responses will be barred!

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  1. comrade c says:

    And the result is ?

    The events in Christchurch have put the importance of the coffee survey results into perspective. They’re ready to go, but we’ll wait for a more appropriate time. – Ed

  2. richard says:

    ‘stone oven’ has a wide range of food – ‘something for everyone’, pleasant staff and nice atmosphere

  3. richard says:

    Corellis cafe for me as they have live music on some evenings. Of course I’m biased as I perform there with my girlfriend playing flamenco guitar. Apart from that it is possible to get coffee till late and the food-menu is value for money.

  4. Doug says:

    Mo, at Manuka for me, he the man, great coffee, and service.

  5. LB says:

    I agree with Yenegh DCC all the way

  6. Yenegh says:

    Connection Cafe are the best hands down excellent coffee, excellent service and quality every time I am in there I am never let down.

    It is a shame you did not include them in your survey.

    Er, we did include them; under Devonport Connection Cafe – Ed

  7. an italian says:

    Ed, to compare the italians’ expertise in coffe’ with the unsuccessful record of the brits in sports is outrageous. plus, french still make the best Chardonnays and Sauvignons. but it’s good that you have faith. keep that up.

  8. Mike says:

    Chiasso…. all the way.

  9. an Italian says:

    c’mon if the italians in Devo go to Santini is because Alex does the best coffe on the North Shore!!!!!

    Now be careful there young lady. That’s what the French used to say about their viticulture; and look at what the new world has given us in the way of Sauvignons and Chardonnays. The Italians may have invented the cappuccino, but then the English invented tennis. Oh, and football. Oh, and rugby. None of which is to suggest that Alex doesn’t in fact make damn fine coffee..:-) Ed

  10. Flying Dutchman says:

    Alessandro is serving one of the best coffees in Devonport and provides by far the best service.

  11. S Turner says:

    Cafe Bari on the wharf for excellent coffee.

  12. LB says:

    DCC is a favourite of mine and many others – we are all regulars and I wish the owners success which they have already proven they have done time and time again, most of my family and friends meet there LB

  13. Comrade C says:

    I agree, Ian. Alessandro is at Santini in Wynard St.

  14. Ed Esq, you have inadvertently left off the list my friends at Coffee Bari (Cafe Bari?) at the end of the wharf. Surely a mistake as the quality of their coffee and service makes setting off for a day in the city bearable. Cheers Fraser

  15. GB says:

    Ed, there’s several places, over the course of the week that is, that I go for coffee when I do my rounds in the village in the morning and or arvo, but alas you only have room for one place to respond to..but having said that, all the other places in Devo are roughly the same, all excellent, including the service.

    Hi GB – you can fill out the survey as often as you like, assuming each entry applies to a different visit. I would discourage assessing any cafes from memory however; best to do it based upon recent experience – Ed

  16. Ian says:

    What about the guy in Wynyard St? Forget the name – but best in Devonport!!!

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