The Devonport Coffee Survey – Initial Results

Posted by on Feb 01, 2011 | 6 Comments

Initial results from The Speculator’s Top Coffee Survey suggests Devonport cafes are offering a good service to their customers – great news for the local tourism industry, although we didn’t specifically canvass tourists.

Below are the results from 108 responses, across all cafes surveyed. We won’t be able to publish results from all cafes as some have had only a couple of votes. We’ll be publishing these results next week.

So get on the survey and let us know about your experiences; you can fill out the survey multiple times, but we keep an eye on those with multifarious tendencies, and have already blocked a couple who got a bit carried away.

Apologies for the small type; it made us go “grr” too. However, the caption tells you what we measured and the colour coding is simple:

Orange = “Good”

Blue = “Average”

Purple = “Bad”

The scale on the y axis is actual number of responses.

1: Service Levels



2: Length of Wait



3: Coffee Yumitude



4: Value for Money

Value for Money

Value for Money

Coffee Beans


  1. Ben says:


    Right on… and Fidels has the best big breakfast in the North Island…

  2. SY says:

    Santini does the best coffee – mine’s made before I am even out of the car –
    & I like the taste of it very much. And most importantly, both Alex & Brooke are always friendly.

  3. john says:

    suggest you try the Narrow Neck Beach Cafe, excellent coffee and great home cooked food by owners Martin and Annmaree plus a great seaside location.

  4. Phil Moller says:

    For the fastest and best coffee in Devonport – head to Santini behind Hammer Hardware – authentic and made with skill and style

  5. Addicted says:

    Generally the quality of coffee in Devonport is dreadful. I’m not a Wellingtonian, but I’d rather drink coffee in Cuba Street than anywhere in Devonport. The only really nice coffee I’ve had in Devonport lately was in Corellis and also Five Loaves. But being price conscious, I don’t tend to go to those two and put up with not bad coffee from the Devonport Deli.

  6. LB says:

    If you have to wait a few minutes for a coffee, especially in a packed cafe then you must know it is going to be great coffee – those who expect to get there coffee before anyone else then maybe they should go to Shell where you can get your own out of a machine

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