The Coffee Drinkers Of Devo Have Spoken

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Alessandro Orifici of Santini's

Alessandro Orifici of Santini's

With almost 200 votes cast, The Speculator is delighted to announce that Santini’s in Wynyard St has won the Summer of 2011 Devonport Speculator Coffee Survey.

Santini’s will win a chocolate fish and 1 month’s free advertising on The Speculator, valued at about 10,000,000 Russian zlotys, or $3.75 in today’s inflation adjusted New Zealand dollars. This doesn’t sound like much, but actually is.

Santini’s, run by Alessandro “Alex” Orifici came first in all the categories; service, wait time, coffee quality and value for money, scoring a ridiculous average of 2.98 out of a possible 3. Santini’s was also the cafe which attracted the most votes.

Scoring was straightforward; 1 for a poor, 2 for an average, 3 for a good. The average across all votes was taken for each category, and then the average of all categories was taken to determine overall score.

However, it was a close thing, with the Devonport Connection Cafe snapping at Alex’s heels and Platter and Vauxhall not far behind.

It is encouraging to see many of the newer cafes doing well. Vauxhall particularly has done well, given the lacklustre state Incognito was in by the time it closed. The Speculator has been in there a few times and has always had a good experience; good coffee, friendly staff, nice atmosphere and no shortage of banter.

Not all cafes could be included in the final results  because some simply didn’t have enough votes. However, there was not a single cafe that scored anything close to a poor score, suggesting that on the coffee front at least, Devonport is well served. For example, the lowest score recorded among the nine cafes reported on (Torpedo Bay Cafe at 2.25) is still a very respectable customer satisfaction score.

The Speculator was devastated to see the Stone Oven’s coffee not given its due; since writing what has proven to be a popular review of the Stozza Ozza several months ago, the Ozza’s standards have not faltered. Clearly the coffee-drinking Devonportian is a fickle creature who can be led to coffee, but cannot be made to sip.

Conversely, The Speculator was delighted to see Devonport Wholefoods only received 3 votes (all of which were very positive), suggesting its location and identity remain a well kept secret.

The Speculator should perhaps mention it kept an eye on voting behaviour, and any over-enthusiastic targeted voting was cut off at the knees.

How was the service?

How was the service?

How long was the wait?

How long was the wait?

How was the quality?

How was the quality?

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Value for money?

The overall experience

The overall experience


  1. Eddie says:

    You deserve it Alex, you make “fantastic” coffee and hope the next vote you’ll be there on top again. Congratulations to you Masayo and Brook….Happy coffeeing, mate!

    Eddie Tan

  2. GB says:

    You are all wrong! 😛

  3. AL says:

    Thank you very much to all Santini customers for your support.

    Also , a big thank you to my Baristi Brook Martin and Masayo Hisaki for there consistency and reliability over the last 8 years!

    Congratulations also to the other cafes which were mentioned in the article.

    Grazie Mille
    Alessandro Orifici

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