Takapuna Worse Than Devonport For Commute: Go Figure

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I see red; Devonport and the North Shore suffer at peak times

I see red; Devonport and the North Shore suffer at peak times

A study has revealed the worst suburbs for Auckland commuters and the news is bad for those commuting from the North Shore.

Travel Times: Peak / Off Peak

Travel Times: Peak / Off Peak

However, what will perhaps come as a surprise to Devonportians, is that according to the figures it that Takapuna residents suffer relatively greater delays at peak times than those on the Lake Rd Snail Trail. The morning journey from Taka takes almost three times as long to downtown Auckland during peak morning traffic times than outside those hours.

The travel times were revealed in a study by navigation services provider TomTom and showed North Shore to be the morning red zone with Albany, Mairangi Bay and Devonport the next-worst suburbs in that order.

Between 7am and 9am it takes Takapuna residents 28.25 minutes to get to the Sky Tower – more than 18 minutes longer than it takes between 1am and 5am when traffic is lightest.

In the evenings, Remuera is the worst suburb with travel times more than doubling from 8.26 minutes to just over 19 between 4pm and 6pm. It was followed by Pakuranga, Manukau, Onehunga and Papatoetoe which all recorded increases in travel times of more than 100 per cent. Only Devonport and Glendowie recorded 50 per cent or less.

To come up with the results, TomTom studied travel statistics from users over a nine-month period from June last year where it clocked travel times for users from various suburbs on weekdays. The average travel time during peak traffic was compared with average travel time when traffic was free flowing.

What will not come as a surprise is that the absolute journey time from Devonport is longer. In fact, it is the 5th longest journey time of the 24 journeys measured – longer in fact than the average journey from such relatively far flung places as Papatoetoe (33 minutes) and the airport (34 minutes).

Table_30 Jul. 05 16.03

What might also be a bit shocking (but again, not surprising) is that the trip from Devonport to the city is one of the slowest in Auckland. As the table above shows, it takes on average 37 minutes at peak time to cover a distance from just 13kms. The Speculator compared this to the four other journeys from the study that take longer, and discovered Devonport has the slowest time per km, at 2.58 minutes per km. When you look at the distances of the other journeys, it’s not surprising; all are substantially longer than the trip to Devonport.

Table_35 Jul. 05 17.15

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  1. Sailornz says:

    Would the people who voted against the Shoal Bay Motorway like to stand up & be Counted. Now that Lake Rd construction site is finished it’s still abysmal to drive to Devonport.

  2. Wills says:

    With Darby’s proposed trams between Devonport & Takapuna we will all be on our bikes. Little room left for cars.

  3. ChrisW says:

    @SaraJ While you’re at it get the rid of the little used Lake Rd footpaths.

  4. SaraJ says:

    I think that says something about the little used Lake Rd cycle lanes. Time to get rid of them.

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