St Leo’s Fair Goes Off With a Roar – Photo Gallery

Posted by on Nov 07, 2011 | 1 Comment

St Leo’s school fair was a happy affair; with reasonable weather, a decent turnout and plenty of stuff to do and even more to eat.

Particularly popular was the game “Chuck A Choc”, whereby one had to toss a coin to knock off a choc that was precariously balanced on a suspended lattice. You knock the choc, you get the choc.

A word with the parent running the game suggested it had been so successful, the school could probably afford an iFlap for every pupil and still have enough for a pool table in the staff room.

The Speculass certainly took a shine to the game; winning a large block of choc with her first throw. Gentle persuasion mixed with a seasoning of subtle threats eventually convinced the lass to swap the peppermint flavour (yuk) for a something more to The Speculator’s liking.

Once again however, The Speculator was let down by his hitherto reliable Brownie Box camera, and was forced to resort to his camera phone to record the event for posterior.

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  1. GB says:

    I was working the crowd as well on Sat ed, 62 odd photos of the fair all sent to the principle, the lovely Mary!. 🙂
    Great time was had by all, that hip hop crew was wicked as I thought!. 🙂

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