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The results are out for the Devonport Speculator’s RWC survey.

We had 53 responses which is an indicative, not a representative sample of the Devonport population (despite hundreds of visitors reading the article). You dudes can be very hard to coax out of your shells can’t you?

So – we’re going to leave the survey up a little bit longer, so the recalcitrant among you may risk all and attempt to respond. There are THREE questions, and we have no idea of who you are, so there’s no excuse!

Still, the response rate was excellent, we just hoped it might be even better given the relevance and importance of the issue.

So; as you can see, almost exactly 75% of those surveyed thought Devonport should do something, and we even had quite a few suggestions (over and above the ones we tentatively proposed) as to what that something might be. We’ll take a look at those in a minute.

Table_12 May. 02 22.02

The Speculator took it upon itself to suggest a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing in its surveyees. Here are the responses to those suggestions. The longer the bar (ie the higher the score), the more popular the suggestion.

Table_17 May. 02 22.15

The themed events option is the most popular, and opens a Pandora’s Box of possibilities. The Speculator, calling upon every ounce of its wisdom, suspected this might have been a popular option and cleverly posed a third question that suggested some possible types of themed events. These results are below. Same scoring principle applies.

Table_16 May. 02 22.13

Two options are almost equally preferred; some kind of communal event (like a BBQ) where a bunch of Devo blokes might form a wagon circle in Windsor Reserve of their second most treasured possession and feed the hungry international masses the best of Devonport fare. This could work in conjunction with some restaurants, B&Bs or shops perhaps.

This option could also be nicely dovetailed with the other popular option; a big screen showing the games live, which we could locate in Windsor Reserve. The event could be run several times a week, with a roster of BBQ dudes delivering the sossies, which by the way, could be charged for so as to ensure no one is out of pocket.

Any other ideas as to what other activities we could have in the reserve? Petanque competitions? Perhaps the odd band (in between matches)? Perhaps the Navy could get the brass band out. Some respondents suggested a showcase of local artists and businesses through a “market” type scenario, with the galleries  participating. And what about stuff for kids?

One impertinent gentleman suggested all the teams’ WAGs be invited over to Devonport for a personalised tour of Devonport’s unique features. Given the size of some of the forwards, The Speculator suggests that if such an activity were to be conducted, invitations should only be made to the WAGs of numbers 10-15 in each team.

A couple of important issues were raised by some respondents.

  • The toilets in Windsor Reserve would need an overhaul. This could be a “two birds with one stone” solution; ie they need to be fixed anyway, so let’s do it for the RWC;
  • The weather would obviously be a factor, as would the poor drainage of the reserve;
  • A name for the event (or series of events) would be important. Any suggestions?

So that is the story so far Devotees. The next Devonport Borough Council meeting is on Monday 9th May, 7:00pm at the Cricket Club, and this will be an item on the agenda there. So get along and share your thoughts, or comment on this article, complete the survey or do all three! But don’t do nothing.


  1. Boadicca says:

    Encouraging to see that nearly a quarter of the sample (and thus, one hopes, a similar percentage of Devonia’s populace) have managed to avoid becoming Stepford Rugby acolytes. If we must be sportif, let’s have some chariot racing instead. We’ve got several nice stretches of grass here in Devo, with finish lines already marked out.
    Maireann croi eadrom i bhfad

  2. Casper says:

    Recently I bought a fancy new LCD flat screen TV on sale. You’re welcome to have my old TV. It’s not huge, but it is big.

  3. Lucsar says:

    anything that gets the public toilets dealt to would be good.

  4. Chris says:

    Where would you find a big screen at this late stage?

    Excellent question Chris! I thought we could construct one out of bits of seaweed and pieces of driftwood from the nearby beaches, and perhaps bind these together with a piece of rope. – Ed

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