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The North Shore Rugby Club’s mysterious figure ED reports on the recent news from Vauxhall Rd.

The Prems made hard work of their win at Windsor Park against ECB last week. The 30-13 victory was a hard fought affair and Coach Mr Buck would have had a few words to say to the team at training this week. But a win is a win and it was great to see Matt Luamanu on the paddock for his first game of the season away from his commitments with the Blues.

The Sen1st lost to ECB 17-21 and with it lost the Trickey-Tank Shield. Not a great start for the season for the Sen 1st with this their second loss to date.

The u21 beat Marist 21-13 down at Vauxhall but the climax of the game was when two Shore players clashed heads and had to be carted off in an Ambulance. We have reports to say both lads are fit and well just a few stitches and headaches.

The u19 also beat Marist 24-0 at Vauxhall, no ambulances thank God.

The Restricted have started the year the way they finished last year with a good win away against Northcote 34-0

The SenC Suits had a bye, but the big story is that The Dads Army are back up and running and were a crowd favourite in their first encounter down the club. We must say how good it is to see the Army back in the field of war. They have outlasted the Whales and Evergreens of yesteryear and have big numbers ready for action.

There is a rumour that a certain Misters Weedon, Williams, Gillespie, Eagles [junior the old one would be lucky to last a walk up the field and back] Sellers, Burton and Simpson are all keen to have a run. The club would love to see those faces with their kids back at the club.

The other rumour is we have a Brokeback Mountain pair in the club with Tank and Max Webb about to make their 3rd trip together into the mountains. They have walked the Routeburn and Humpridge Tracks together and are ready to set off again this time the Milford Track. Mind you they have some company for this walk with bar manager Don Prince and former Prop and Prem Coach Stu Mather accompanying them. Don reckons he is going to walk the track in bare feet!!!!

They are taking one of the Popes Disciples with them in Big Jim Bateman from the Marist Club. We will keep you posted.

This weeks draw:

The Prems v Western Pioneers 2.45pm @ Vauxhall.

The Sen 1st v Western Pioneers 1.00pm @ Vauxhall.

The u21 v Silverdale @ Silverdale 1.00pm.

The u19 v ECB @ Windsor Park 2.45pm.

The Restricted v ECB @ Windsor Park1.00pm.

The Sen C Suits V Navy @ Vauxhall 2.45pm

Dads Army  have a Bye.

The 100 club was not struck so this week it is a $500.00 draw @ 6.00pm.



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