Shock Legal Bill Leaves Gail Lyons Owing $2k

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With the recent spectacular turn of events in regard to the fate of St Paul’s,  Speculator readers may not be surprised to hear that the indefatigable Gail Lyons has spent a considerable amount of time burrowing through ancient documents and archives to get to the bottom of the mystery around the Church’s true ownership.

In the course of so doing, the girl Lyons has racked up a bit of  an unbudgeted legal bill, as she has wanted to ensure the documents she has uncovered have been properly interpreted.

The bill? A princely $2,000. A remaining fund from the Church’s activities should handle $500 of that, so waddya reckon Speculatum readers? Can we raise $1500 for the girl Gail as a token of appreciation for her efforts?

The Speculator pledges $50 to get it going.

If you want to contribute, you can do either or both of two things;

1: Make a Donation

a) send a cheque made out to GAIL LYONS to:

c/- The Devonport Speculator
PO BOX 32-560
Devonport 0744

b) If you have long given up the quaint tradition of writing cheques, you can make a transfer to The Speculator’s account – clearly identifying it as for Gail  – and The Speculator will do the rest.

Our details are;

The Bail-out Gail Fund

Westpac Bank
03 1514 0083901 000

Once the target is reached, we’ll let you know.

2: Buy a Painting

Local artist Lyndsay Brock has very generously put up one of her paintings on an online auction at trademe, at the link below. Proceeds from the sale of the painting will be donated to the Bail-Out Gail Fund.

Click here for the auction.


  1. VPE says:

    I note the church auction is still being advertised (in the Flagstaff), but with no confirmed date.I guess the agent remains optimistic.

  2. GB says:

    Yes will be donating btw!.

  3. GB says:

    ed, I respond accordingly,and thanks the feedback.
    1. If I had the spare change, I would have gladly paid it last week!(how many tight millionaires do we have in Devo??)
    2. But it has been all about greed, too rich and being, emphasis added,’completely uncharitable’,there are certain things you need to let rip and come to the surface!.
    3. ‘making sweeping statements??’..why not speak the truth re Devonport and whats really below the surface, after all ed, am a community worker at grass roots level!..It points to one way traffic here.

  4. Sherri says:

    Well done Speculator people. You are doing a brilliant job of keeping your readers up to date on the sad state of St Paul’s. I also applaud your initiative of fundraising to cover the cost of the legal fee’s incured by Gail. I too believe that both the chcurch and the real estate firm should cover the cost but pigs might fly as well:)Yep, I/m happy to contribute.

  5. GB says:

    I see ed your ‘ever conservative editing’ has wiped away two of my posts..So are we to strictly stick to topic but its okay for you to have your fun and own way while others get deleted??.

    GB – I’ll give you a choice; you can front up with $4,500 to pay for our libel insurance, or you can refrain from making sweeping statements about how x,y, or z are greedy / too rich / uncharitable etc. But your other comments are welcome. – Ed

  6. Gail Griffin says:

    Why a photograph of St Francis de Sales and not St Pauls?

    I have many images of St Paul’s if you want one. I will also make a donation for Gail too.

    Good question. Basic incompetence is the answer. The Speculator humbly apologises to its readers. – Ed

  7. al says:

    SFO. You are absolutely right.

    Harcourts should definately stump up here. How totally embarrassing for them.

    For them to get some respect back they should definately cover Gails costs.

  8. SFO says:

    I believe a healthy donation from Ilse Evans and Harcourts is in order.

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