Schools Taking A Hard Line On Parking Safety

Posted by on May 18, 2011 | 2 Comments

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This term, some Devonport schools are participating in Auckland Transport’s Safety at the School Gate Parking Enforcement Programme.  During term time, there will be parking officers from Auckland Transport on the streets around some of Devonport’s schools.

Glen Vinton, Principal of SBS says “The officers are there to increase the safety of our children by ensuring people are cooperating with the parking rules as set out in the New Zealand Road Code.  The agreed approach is of zero tolerance – which means you will receive a ticket if you’re double parked, parked on yellow lines, or over someone’s driveway – as well as a number of other offences.”


  1. Hone says:

    With Devonport being so school and well serviced with schools is there really any reason why kids cant walk, scooter, or cycle 1 – 2 km with their parents to school? I have seen parents drive from Summer Street to Stanley Bay School. The ultimate laziness

  2. Al says:

    Zero tolerance is fine, but there are zero spaces for parents to pick the kids up ! not everyone can walk and bike. My kids went to DPS and the car parks were non-existant. So all the fines and tickets are great.

    What about a solution ? Another mind-numbing silence from Takapuna.

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