Rugby World Cup Update: The Plans For Devonport

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Eddie de Heer, President of the Devonport Business Association (DBA), last night presented the association’s plans to liven up Devonport for the RWC to the Devonport Borough Council meeting.

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The key components of the plan are as follows;

– A “Tidy Town” campaign on the last Saturday of August (the 27th). The DBA is hoping, with the help of local schools and residents, to run a fun working bee to tidy up the centre of Devonport and some of the beaches. More details to follow;

– The DBA has secured the use of a kilometre or so if bunting – triangular flags of various nations’ colours  and other designs – to line Victoria Rd for the duration of the competition;

– The DBA is hoping to secure the support of enough local retailers to dress up their shop fronts in the colours of each of the competing teams. de Heer is hoping to attract the support of the schools to assist in the design and construction of some of the decorations, with perhaps a competition for the best designs;

– In conjunction with the Rotary Club, the DBA is planning to expand the tree lights down Victoria Rd to light up at least the big five trees;

– If budget allows, the DBA is also hoping to place flower barrels down Victoria Rd.

These initiatives do not include any activities planned by the North Shore Rugby Club, or plans to upgrade the wharf’s toilets, which The Speculator is disconcertingly discovering are becoming a bit of a Devonport obsession.

In addition to the above, The Speculator, having made a heroic dash from the local board meeting in Takapuna, can now confirm the following additional  upgrades have been approved by the council, for the princely sum of $66k!

– Improved filter system in the water fountain (unspecified – Ed);

– Upgrade of street frontage and gardens on the corner of Flagstaff Terrace;

– Improve turf areas adjacent to ferry arrival;

– Interpretive signage for Morton Bay fig (referring to some signs explaining some interesting facts about the big fig tree one assumes – Ed)

The Navy; There are discussions ongoing regarding support by the NZ Defence Force to RWC as well and these are being co-ordinated centrally (Headquarters NZ Defence Force in Wellington). As a result Navy cannot commit to participating in any community RWC activities at this stage.

See the other story soon to be published if you want to revel in more details regarding the sanitary state of our public water closets, or to learn about some of the extraordinary activity that is said to go on in them.

Got any ideas? Let The Speculator know at

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  1. GB says:

    Yip and I will keep asking: Where will all these thousands of overseas visitors stay then??

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