Roll Out The Barrel(s)

Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 | 6 Comments

In preparation for the RWC, Devonport’s business association has invested in beautifying Devonport’s main road with flower barrels.

The initiative, championed by local B&B Peace and Plenty’s Judith Machin, was well supported by local businesses, all of whom who were keen to support the idea and committed to keeping the flowers watered.

It is hoped, if the initiative is successful, that the barrels will become a permanent feature of the street.

Some barrels earlier

Some barrels earlier


  1. Comrade C says:

    4.10 on Saturday afternoon.
    To the idiot who just skated down Victoria
    Road with a small girl on his shoulders,not cool.Remarkably stupid,in fact

  2. GB says:

    Tony all cool cept the las bit there, so it will take a young lad or lads, to get killed first, by a car pulling out from one of the side streets, for the powers of be to then install signs saying: NO SKATEBOARDING ON ROAD!

  3. Tony says:

    In answer to GB, the i site at 3 Victoria Rd.has excellent maps, and advice on accomodation, which,incidentally starts at $65 single, or $95 double including breakfast at “the Secret Garden”. The friendly staff at the i site are also fully conversant with all Devonport’s attractions.
    As to the skateboarders, illegal, yes, but aren’t we all getting too PC,this is Devonport, and I don’t see it as a bad look atall, just a bit different.

  4. John Taylor says:

    Barrels great idea but already I see wilting flowers.. Who supposed to take carre of them ?>?

  5. Wellygoggles says:

    A week to the day after planting the New Guinea Busy Lizzies (or to the purists, Tropical Impatiens) they are looking decidedly dejected, rejected & neglected due no doubt to the frosts we had last week (note the word Tropical in the plant’s name). By the time the RWC arrives, I’ll be surprised if any have survived at all. The barrels look nice though.

  6. GB says:

    Great idea guys, but we need more than flower barrows to impress the thousands who will come over to Devonport, digest below.
    1. Wha bout locals who are prepared to show visitors around Devo?..without charging that is, some of you have enough money as it is.
    2. Where can a visitor stay in Devo for say round $80-$90 a night? Make that happen somehow, yourself/a neighbor?
    3. Night time in Victoria rd, whats happ there besides the noise going to come from the Patriot?..yawns..
    4. Big welcoming banners at the wharf?(ie: WELCOME TO DEVONPORT etc)
    5. The Devonport cinema getting off its bum and being part of next months cup somehow?
    6. Skateboarders banned from going down Victoria Rd, day and night!..not a good look to overseas visitors eh, and its also illegal!
    7. A wall of flags made up and put up to go across the street, jus outside Barfeet and Tommies. 🙂
    8. Be nice to our overseas guests and don’t be pratts! 🙂

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