Roger’s Repairs Round-Up: What’s Getting Fixed In Devo

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 | 3 Comments

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At the regular Devonport Borough Council meeting, ersatz mayor Roger “Finkov” Brittenden gives a summary of the bits and pieces around Devonport that are due for attention from the serried ranks of council workmen.

Here is the list from last night’s meeting;

– The Windsor Reserve puddling issue could be down to blocked drains; the council is investigating;

– The collapsing rock wall on Chinaman’s Hill (above New World) will be subject to an engineer’s report; the results of which should be out for next month’s meeting;

– The Devonport wharf sand build-up has not been effectively addressed. While the council apparently “moved some of it (the sand) around” there is still a substantial beach present which can end up in the car park on windy days. The Speculator attempted to negotiate the car park today (with an extremely strong westerly blowing) and experienced the exquisitely painful sensation of having one’s eyeball’s sand-blasted;

-Access to said beach has been improved by a set of steps running from the Wharf walkway to the beach.

– The ever-growing hole in the rock wall at the Torpedo Bay boat ramp has been identified and will be fixed;

– The band rotunda in Windsor Reserve has been cleaned and painted;

– The clock tower at the end of Church St has been water-blasted and painted;

– All of the large holes in the Stanley Bay sea wall have been repaired. Work on the rest will be completed shortly;

– The rusting railing by the Yacht Club could be replaced with fibreglass stanchions to prevent recurrent rusting;

And last but by no means least; THE TOILETS (Windsor Reserve and Yacht Club) have been cleaned and repaired.

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  1. GB says:

    Great stuff!..and what about getting all those ‘uneven bumpy bits’ of footpath, outside the ANZ bank, smoothed out and leveled??

  2. Pistol says:

    Actually, the Kohi sand came from Pakiri (hence all the broken scallop shells etc). The loss is stuffing up their beach and the surfbreak. It is Pakiri that the sand should be returned to.
    Yes, wind-driven sand stings, Speckie. Duh. Toughen up.

  3. Steve Anderson says:

    The build up of sand at Devonport matches the decline from Kohimarama beach and has only started since Kohi beach was resanded some years back. the loss is now noticeable. Would you care to bring it back.

    Steve Anderson

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