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The response to The Speculator’s recent survey on a local fruit and vege barter exchange was overwhelmingly positive. The total number of respondents was 40 , so the results are indicative only, not representative.

The concept, nicknamed “Turnip and Trade” (Yes, The Speculator is a marketing genius) achieved over a 90% approval rating, with 70% of respondents stating they would use the concept and another 20% saying they would consider it.

Surveys of this nature can be a bit tricky in that the respondents can be self-selecting; i.e. only people with an interest in gardens might respond.

However, the bottom line is that there are at least 39 people out there in the local Devonport area who are prepared to give it a go, and that should be enough to get the idea off the ground.

So – if you are interested in trading fruit and veges with other growers in the Devonport area, complete the registration form below, and we will be in contact with you shortly on next steps.

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  1. Boadicca says:

    Oh Speculum,

    Your research should by now have turned up the fact that this has already happened successfully, free of charge. There was an event last summer, at the community hall, organised and advertised – I think -by the community garden group. Folk just turned up with whatever veges they had to trade, and negotiated whatever seemed reasonable with others. Thus I traded some nice hot chilis for a small spagetti squash, and a bag of green beans for a marrow. The serious gardeners were very good at recommending fair trades, and it was sociable and fun. My advice is KISS

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