Really Cool, Break Window

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 | 2 Comments

You have to be incredibly cool to do this

You have to be incredibly cool to do this

Some hoons thought it was time Devonport was made aware of their awesome street cred on Tuesday night, by courageously putting a sign through the window of the  bus shelter at Stanley Bay night in the dead of night.

Local resident ‘Charles” stated

“Unfortunately this kind of event happens on a regular and on-going basis at this bus shelter. No sooner is one panel of glass replaced, than another is smashed by these mindless twits.”

“On this occasion I heard nothing although I live fairly close. Most often vandalism of the bus shelter goes hand-in-hand with card loads of youths who arrive at the Bay in the small hours to drink, yell, scream, play their stereos, party and then thankfully leave.”

The Speculator urges anyone who hears this nonsense going on to at least get the rego number of any cars involved, and contact the police immediately.


  1. Watchful Runner says:

    The Bus stop at the corner of Mozeley Ave and Lake Road was repaired just last week…. it is such a shame to see this kind of behavior in such a nice area.

  2. JL says:

    Yes, it does happen too often….and residents around the shelter at the lower end of Old Lake Rd also say there’s a need for constant repairs to that one. It’s about time we asked the council to start publishing the costs vandalism for each community board area, so ratepayers know exactly how big the bill is.

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