Race Day 2: National Opti Champs: The Speculator Water-Blasted

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 | 1 Comment

After detecting the wind had picked up, The Speculator scampered excitedly down to Narrow Neck beach to witness the imposing site of 310 Optis braving the easterly swell, while their parents cheerfully gnashed their teeth on the shore.

Instead, The Speculator was met by a ferocious blast of horizontal rain, which rendered photography, speech and thought impossible. While cowering in the main tent, The Speculator heard someone say the squall was clearing, which The Speculator somewhat naively believed.

Venturing from the tent to take photos for its revered readers, The Speculator was pummelled by a second, more determined squall, from which The Speculator fled, nearly in tears.

The single photo accompanying this article was all that survived the  experience.

A large squall, with some little boats just behind it

A large squall, with some little boats just behind it

1 comment

  1. Bond says:

    What a sugarmouse you are Dr Speck! Having a keen interest in sailors myself, I jogged over to Narrow Neck this morning and spied a vast armada of jolly boats bobbing about in the channel. Admittedly, it was a bit choppy (I’d have been donating my breakfast to fish out there), but the boaties looked like they were having fun.
    Chips ahoy!

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