Power Outage Could Have Been Failed Apocalypse

Posted by on May 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

Resident Hamish Walsh and the miscreant power pole

Resident Hamish Walsh and the miscreant power pole

The end of the world brushed past Devonport tonight, as a massive bang from the transformer outside the Calliope Rd dairy took out most of Devonport’s power.

The explosion also manifest itself in a spectacular flash of light from a power pole on Calliope Rd, witnessed by a number of people including resident Hamish Walsh’s daughter Rosanna and two cleaning ladies parked outside the Navy creche.

“We were having a cigarette in the van and saw this huge explosion on the power pole in the rear view mirror. I started up the van and took off in the other direction. I had no idea what it was” said one of the ladies.

Others reported a massive bang that sounded like a car crash. The Speculator also heard a fearsome sound which coincided with the lights flickering and immediately assumed celebrity nutcase Harold Camping’s predictions of an imminent apocalypse were about to be proven correct, if not accurate.

However, a Vector engineer was unimpressed by The Speculator’s stammered plea for reassurance and drove off in the direction of a rainbow that was forming under a threatening sky, muttering evilly about “bloody transformers.”

As at 17:44, the power in Devonport central was still out, but houses from Kiwi Rd west appeared unaffected.

Twilight Zone: The Vector engineer labours under an apocalyptic sky

Twilight Zone: The Vector engineer labours under an apocalyptic sky

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  1. Bond says:

    ‘Power poles’ flashing! Massive bangs! Transformational explosions!
    Plunges into darkness!
    Get with the Freudian symbolism Dr Speck – Devo’s clearly a happening place…

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