Second Major Power Outage In Devonport

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 | 4 Comments

Local resident Vince Flam denies his time-travelling car was responsible for the outage.

Local resident Vince Flam denies his time-travelling car was responsible for the outage.

The entire Devonport peninsula was without power earlier this week. It was initially estimated to be restored at 10:30am but this was later amended to 12:30. Full power was restored at 12:11pm, although some areas of central Devonport had regained their power before this.

This is the second time in a month that Devonport has experienced a major power outage. Vector confirmed the problems started at 08:13am, in the middle of a heavy rainstorm that it said might have been part of the problem.

Minor damage to insulators caused by the previous outage could have been responsible for causing arcing that was seen outside the Naval Base during the heavy rain, with the almost solid rain providing an arc route from one damaged insulator to another line. The arcing then triggered an automatic shutdown of the local network.

Vector estimated around 2006 households were affected across the Devonport peninsula. At 9:30, power to all except around 500 households was restored, with the final restoration occurring at 12:11.


  1. nath says:

    especially does not help if your sump pump for your garrage is electric!!!I thinl a generator may be requiured here!!!!!!

  2. GB says:

    We still live in the middle ages here, even in glitzy/yuppy Devo! 🙂

  3. LK says:

    JL – take my advice. Don’t call faults, call sales, the people responsible for taking new customers. You’ll get through staright away. Get angry with them, they’ll do anything to get the info you want. If they don’t, keep calling…

  4. JL says:

    The real issue with power cuts is that the suppliers don’t adapt their communications technology to deal with such situations. E.g. they tell you to ‘check the website’. What! Dudes there’s no power, so I can hardly turn my PC on!
    This morning, I called Mercury on the old dial phone I’m fortunate enough to have kept to ask if they had a timeline for the repair. By ignoring the ‘press button one now’ instructions (can’t do that on a dial phone) I eventually got a real person… India…but when they put me through to faults, being unable to press a button means you can’t get through to the extension…..then, when we called the 0800 number on the cell phone, we found one can only talk to them by calling a pay per call number…..Grrrrr! Not good enough!

    JL: When power is cut to essential services such as The Speculator website, we refer to our aged but ever reliable steam-driven telephone..

    They can be purchased from the supplier at http://www.speculator/SDT – Ed

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