Plans for Devonport’s World Cup Progress

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Momentum is gathering for Devonport’s plans to welcome the thousands of tourists arriving with the RWC, with the Devonport Business Association and the indefatigable community coordinator Maire Vieth lining up a number of initiatives to ensure Devonport looks its best.

All members of the community will have an opportunity to both contribute their thoughts and participate in the numerous initiatives being planned. Keep reading to find out how.

These include;

– The Tidy Town Initiative; Planned for the 27th August, this is a community wide initiative to spruce up Devonport’s public places in preparation for the arrival of its visitors. Maire and the DBA are working with organisations such as The Rotary and Lions Clubs in addition to the council to identify areas that need work, and then aligning work groups to address them. All schools on the peninsula have also signed up to the idea, and will be tasked with cleaning up the beaches.

It is hoped the community will turn out in force to support the initiative on the 27th. It should be a fun day, with entertainment planned and food available. More details to follow, but put the 27th in your diary now.

This work is in addition to a list of small projects the DBA and the local Board have submitted to Auckland Transport.

– Bunting; or lines of flags attached to string to you and me, have been purchased or taken out of mothballs to line Victoria Rd’s streetlights and shop awnings. The flags include an array of the national flags of the participating countries, some yellow and blue numbers and some branded RWC flags, and a cross street banner.

– Wine Barrels; would be nice wouldn’t it, but no, these are to contain flowers and to help beautify Victoria Rd. They will be secured to ensure drunken frivolity does not alter their intended location. The flowers will probably be Impatiens;

– Shop displays; local schools have agreed to create a number of displays designed by the kids to represent various themes pertinent to the World Cup, which will then be erected in some of the shops in Victoria Rd.

Residents will then be able to vote online at The Speculator for their favourite display, which will then win a handsome prize.

Yes, yes, the toilets are on the list too. As the avid reader will have gleaned from The Speculator’s earlier article on the wharf, a substantial makeover for the public toilets is imminent (including those at Windsor Reserve and King Edward Parade).  The council will also be approached to ensure a regular cleaning schedule is established. Confirmation of this to follow. There is also likely to be an influx of Portaloos.

Is there anything you would like to see fixed around Devonport, or do you have any suggestions as to how it could be beautified? The Speculator has a hot line to the DBA, the DTLB, the DCC and the CIA, so nothing is impossible.

Drop us a line at, or just comment on this article. All thoughts and suggestions will be passed on to the relevant people.

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  1. TR says:

    Just noticed yesterday that the gardens down by the ferry building pedestrian crossing have been planted in multicolored silver beet (swiss chard) and parsley. Yum! Right now they look great but I imagine about RWC time they’ll just be about right for picking for dinner on the way home from work or by hungry visitors who come from overseas cities where such gardens are deliberately planted to provide healthy free food. Would be interested to know what our Council’s intent is here.

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