Oh – The Rain Dear! Santa Parade Cops A Soaking

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Despite some uncharitable behaviour on behalf of the weather gods, the organisers and participants in this year’s Santa Parade put on a good show for the small but enthusiastic crowd who turned out to see it. The recently returned Goina Thedinga of aotearoa.co.nz snapped some shots.

The post-parade festival in Windsor Park was not so lucky however, with organisers making the right call to cancel it.

Get used to it Devonport; this year La Nina is blowing hot, and the warm water of the Coral Sea off Australia’s coast is going to provide a consistent supply of muggy weather accompanied by rain.

The Speculator is not happy about this; anything above about 10C brings him out into a hot sweat and being permanently trapped under a hat and sunglasses encourages his more irascible side to emerge. Bah! Humbug!


  1. Boadicca says:

    Not really Oh Speculum. Santa was always a male figure, and a relative (post-Christian takeover) newbie in religious terms. He is generally thought to have derived from a Netherlands holy man or Sinterklaas who (in various contiguous countries and languages) is also known as Saint Nicholas. There is a (fainter) rumour that Saint Nick was himself a version of the earlier bearded god Odin, who similarly galloped about the skies. As for hirsuteness, well that’s kind of interesting. Hair is a feminist issue, with the plucked, shaved, Brazilianed-to-death female body representing the disempowering infantilisation of women and men’s need to keep us that way. This is why men anxious about gender equality tend to describe feminists as ‘hairy’ or mannish in other ways. So here’s a tip Specubaiter: men comfortable with equality don’t need women to look like plucked chickens.
    Happily hirsute,

    Goddamit Boazza , that’s a good answer. – Ed

  2. Boadicca says:

    Mortification my Gluteus Maximus! Au contraire Oh Speculum, what you have forgotten is that the Christians appropriated for ‘Christ Mass’ the date originally celebrating the pagan Winter Solstice, ie the turning point at which the days begin to lengthen again. They also stole many of the pagan rituals. Pre-Christian religious practices included a Yule log to celebrate the rebirth of the sun and to propitiate the Deities of Yule (the Sun God, the Mother Goddess, the Green Man etc). Celtic pagans decorated their homes with evergreen boughs which signified eternity, and mistletoe seen (by the Druids) as holding the ‘seeds of the divine’. They went out ‘wassailing’, and drinking spiced wines around bonfires. They danced and undoubtedly did other celebratory social things. Ahem. So, come this Solstice, though it is antipodean and the days will shorten, it will be Bacchanalian over here in my croft.

    Yes yes, any fool k-nows all that; but what I really want to know is whether it’s true that Santa Claus (and specifically his beard) were in fact based upon your legendary hirsuteness. – Ed

  3. Boadicca says:

    Ohhh… that’s OK then – the kiddies enjoy the event. So I guess it must be all right to brainwash them into male-dominated religious beliefs and unsustainable modes of consumption that wreck the planet for all other species…, not to mention most other humans. But as long as they’re having FUN, why rain on the parade…

    And what’s on at Bozza’s croft this Xmas? Maybe a spot of mortification? Perhaps a few pins stuck into the Gluteus Maximus – the famous Roman general – might be appropriate. – Ed

  4. Matilda says:

    Good on the folks who turned out – the kids really look forward to it and I’ve spent my fair share of time in damp Santa Parades! Good to see the community spirit strong in Devo – the paraders really appreciate the audience. Merry Christmas!

  5. Boadicca says:

    The Christmas Parade. A militaristically (oom pah pah)strut in celebration of monotheistic patriarchal dominance and rampant commoditization and over-consumption of the Earth’s resources. Who can blame the Goddess for peeing on their strawberries?

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