Nice Young Man Doing “Whatever”

Posted by on Jan 10, 2011 | 5 Comments

The Speculator happened on this nice young man drawing some pictures on the The Great Wall

The nice young man, earlier

The nice young man, earlier

of Devonport, and stopped to take a couple of photos.

When The Speculator enquired as to what influences the lad was drawing upon, he replied he was just “doing whatever, whenever…” While this reply might strike some of The Speculator’s parent readers as an oft-heard refrain closer to home, The Speculator thought this was an excellent summation of the work created by the creative young louth, who said he was just filling in some time before going away on holiday in a few days time.

As a result of The Speculator’s chilled state of mind, combined with its sagging journalistic skills, the name of the louth is lost to history.


  1. Boadicca says:

    Well, perhaps I am mellowing in my old age, but OK, chalk is definitely better than paint. And no doubt there is a case for tolerating some youthful visual experimentation in public. But if the outcome is neither interesting nor beautiful, I’d still say keep it at home. Self-expression is a balance of rights between those who want to express, and those who receive the expression. It’s better if the latter is voluntary. Otherwise, ‘self-expression’ through the use of shared spaces strays into the realm of rather aggressive self-indulgence…
    Not entirely mellow yet!

  2. Hamish says:

    I just wanted to add that in addition to seeing him making is art, I also saw him removing it with water and brush at a later time.

  3. miranda says:

    Definitely ok with chalking as opposed to tagging – in fact I believe it is now known as ‘impermanent urban art’.

  4. Boadicca says:

    As a pedantic Goddess, I feel impelled to point out that in teenage parlance, ‘whatever’ should be rendered ‘wa’ever’. And, speaking closer to home, though I get the combo of youth and lout, Louth is a county in Ireland, so your usage COULD be taken as an affront by a Celtic Queen… However, I shall reserve my ire for the tagger on the grounds that such saddo behaviour is vastly more tiresome. Better look out tag-boy!

    A couple of interesting points you raise Bodizza.

    Louth is of course a county in Ireland, and having just completed a fascinating book on the tribes of Britain, it’s name seems ideally suited.

    I should also point out that “tag boy” was using chalk (which does not count as tagging), was working in daylight in full view of the honest burghers of Devo, and exhibited no guilty conscience / scuttling away behaviour when approached. I think “doodling” is a better word to describe his activities… – Ed

  5. GB says:

    A-r-r-r but captain, if ya blow up the picture to much bigger proportions, am sure alot of us would recognize him easily enough, a-r-r-r!

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