A Good Excuse To Say G’Day: It’s Neighbours Day

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NEIGHBOURS DAY – 26-27 MARCH, 2011. AT YOUR HOUSE. OR IN YOUR STREET. Devonport Peninsula Neighbours Day in Bayswater, Belmont and Hauraki


We are keen to hear how Neighbours Day went for you! Win a prize for you and your neighbours by posting your stories and comments about Neighbours Day activities to this posting or send your photos to info@speculator.co.nz.

The prize? Free rental of 6 x 8 m marquee and 3 x 3 m gazebo, bbq and play equipment for the young to get you ready for your next street party.


Turning streets into neighbourhoods – Hurihia nga ara hei tui i te ata noho a te tangata

The Devonport Peninsula Trust, Pub Charity and The Devonport Speculator bring you our own local variety of the national Neighbours Day Aotearoa initiative. Show your enthusiasm for the strong community we’ve got on March 26 and 27, and here is how you can do it:

Even a scary neighbour can turn out to be a big pussycat

Even a scary neighbour can turn out to be a big pussycat

Share a cuppa. Help carry something heavy. Borrow a cup of sugar. Chalk up the footpath. Hire your young neighbours to babysit or mow the lawn. Swap home-grown vegetables. Ask for help. Turn up the music. Have a street party. Check on elders who live close by. Welcome new neighbours. Have a picnic in the front yard. Take the grandchildren to the park. Turn down the music. Exchange phone numbers. Ask a question. Get the kids playing together. Mow the verge next door. Start a tradition. Smile!


AND…there is a prize for the most novel celebration, with the best photos to record it!

Devonport Peninsula Neighbours Day is brought to you by the Devonport Peninsula Trust and Pub Charity.


LIFEWISE, Inspiring Communities, and Methodist Mission Aotearoa are excited to announce the inaugural Neighbours Day Aotearoa celebration for New Zealanders.

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is a national initiative, and here is what they have to say about the programme as a whole;

The value of strong, supportive neighbourhoods is a timely focus for all Kiwis. We hope that over 26-27 March we’ll not only connect more closely with our next door neighbours; but we’ll be part of the ongoing national flow of goodwill, hospitality and generosity to support Christchurch. We’re already seeing examples of neighbourhoods pulling together to fundraise for relief efforts.

So, what can you do?

1. Mark 26-27 March on the calendar. Talk with your neighbours about how you’ll celebrate Neighbours Day.

2. Knock on doors with home-baking, bring out the back-yard cricket, lean over the fence for a chat, or spark up the BBQ, invite the neighbours and pass around the hat for Christchurch relief appeals – there are many things you can do (for more ideas see: http://www.neighboursday.org.nz/?sid=27).

3. SIGN UP online: www.neighboursday.org.nz and help us reach 1000 streets across New Zealand!

4. Spread the word about Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2011 to your workmates, networks, friends, family and of course – your neighbours.

5. Deliver flyers and put posters up around your workplace, school, local shops…. (Please download at: http://www.neighboursday.org.nz/?sid=4)

6. Help us share neighbourly/neighbourhood stories in the media – please get in touch if you’d like to share your story, or if you can help with contacts: kiaora@neighboursday.org.nz

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It just takes one person to get things going in a street. And remember, every day is a good day to be a good neighbour!

Remember: Post your stories and comments about Neighbours Day activities to this posting or send your photos to info@speculator.co.nz.

“Atawhaingia te Pa harakeke”

And if you don't want to hug, you can always mend fences

And if you don't want to hug, you can always mend fences

Please pass it on!



  1. Jo says:

    I think that this is a great idea, and approached the council a couple of years ago about getting a street party going. I was informed by the council that it wasn’t allowed due to the potential disruption to traffic, and that we had to use a local reserve instead (we live on a very quiet street). To my mind this kinds of defeats the whole purpose of being able to pop in and out of your house for things, and to have some fun where you live. Maybe the mistake was asking permission from the council in the first place?
    Seems a little over the top to me, but ho hummm, I fear that this sort of thing is going to get more and more regulated until it’s just not worth the hassle any more. 🙁

  2. GB says:

    This is great, they have been doing the same thing down here in Christchurch, except it’s been everyday since I have been down here las 2 weeks helping in the hardest hit suburbs here. 🙂

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